Arbswap, an introduction to this new ecosystem


Arbswap, an introduction to this new ecosystem. Find out more about the project and direct access to its website.

Arbswap is an automated market maker (AMM) and decentralized exchange (DEX) deployed on Arbitrum.

This is a project that should delight anyone who follows decentralized finance news.

Its aim is to actively participate in the adoption of the Ethereum second-layer protocol by providing native liquidity and DeFi options for all users.

Arbswap, introduction:

This ecosystem will allow you to exchange and win on Arbitrum’s most popular game projects.

The problem:

Arbitrum’s technology is a type of optimistic rollup, which is a layer two scaling solution that takes data storage and computation and moves it off the Ethereum main chain, reconciles and verifies those transactions on its own side chain, and then moves the consolidated data back onto Ethereum, like Polygon.

However, the decentralised Arbitrum protocol does not have a token like Matic. In fact, it inherits all its security directly from the Ethereum base layer, which it aims to upgrade, while increasing transaction efficiency by more than 100 times and reducing gas costs.

It is the result of years of effort by a dedicated team of developers who believe in scaling Ethereum without compromise.

Arbswap Solutions:

Imagine if you still enjoyed using Uniswap…. Can you remember the last time you didn’t feel robbed or frustrated after trying to buy or sell anything on Ethereum? Or the last time staking your tokens cost less than $100 in fees?

Don’t worry! Thanks to Arbswap, trading with ERC-20 assets will become a breeze.

DEXs are now an integral part of all successfully adopted cryptocurrency blockchains. Uniswap (ETH), PancakeSwap (BSC) and QuickSwap (Polygon) have all consolidated their stature as the go-to platforms for investors and traders, and Arbswap aims to become exactly the same for Arbitrum.

As a Tier 2 solution, the Arbitrum blockchain will benefit from an integrated DEX to provide a familiar but even better experience than Ethereum users have become accustomed to, with extremely competitive speed and gas fees compared to BSC and Polygon.

There aren’t many projects built on Arbitrum, but with Arbswap ready to provide efficient liquidity options, staking pools and DeFi farms, quick and easy dex initial offers (IDOs) and decentralised exchanges in one place, it will be much easier for developers to make the decision to move to Arbitrum.


A growing number of promising games are being deployed on Nova, but the network lacks the DEXs to support in-game trading.

That’s why this project has set itself the task of providing features that will meet your game trading needs.

With Arbswap, users no longer need to navigate separately between the Uniswap and NFT marketplaces to trade their in-game assets.

Users can seamlessly trade items within a game economy, including fungible and non-fungible assets.

Most importantly, users can enjoy a simplified and user-friendly trading experience for all their in-game assets and needs.

The aim is therefore to provide the best DEX optimised for the game.

Simplicity is the key. This is how the product suite is configured.

Want to find out more?

Direct access to the official website

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