PEPE OPTIMUS, discover its ecosystem.

Pepe Optimus

PEPE OPTIMUS, discover its ecosystem. Here is the basic information about the project and direct access to its official website.

PEPE OPTIMUS is a crypto-currency combining $PEPE and $OPTIMUS. Born out of a desire to challenge the limitations of Optimus and PEPE to be just a meme token.

PEPE OPTIMUS, introduction:

This project is born of a desire to challenge the limitations of Optimus and PEPE for just being a meme token.

This project aims to create a fun and engaging community while also building unique utilities like Gaming rewards to $PEPO NFT holders and a unique use case of $PEPO token in the game.

$PEPO is more than just a meme and will come with different utilities like betting in Game with $PEPO token and earning rewards with PEPO NFTs according to their Tiers.


The main mission is to defy the limitation of being just a meme like other meme tokens. We are an NFT-based game token with the combination of two meme tokens PEPE and OPTIMUS.

This game has been designed so that the $PEPO tokens and NFTs play a key role in the game and are the main asset of the game. Players will be rewarded according to the level of NFT they play with. The higher the NFT level, the greater the reward.

It has been imagined a future where the power of blockchain and decentralized finance is harnessed to create a fun and dynamic ecosystem for meme tokens.

The mission is to empower this new community to drive the future direction of this platform through democratic decision making and engagement.

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This NFT is not based just on NFT Staking utility, PEPO NFTs are the main asset of this upcoming game where races will be conduct with PEPO NFTs and you will be rewarded based on the Tiers of NFT you are playing with.

There are also plans to reward NFT holders with additional $PEPO tokens just for holding NFTs every day.


This game will be based on races through NFTs. To start a race we need to bet with $PEPO tokens. and winners will be rewarded on the basis of players playing with their NFTs. Legendries will have maximum return and common will have lowest return. Tokens betted for game play will be distributed 90% to the winners and 10% will be burned from every race.

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