Genius X, launch pad for blockchain startups

Genius X

Genius X, launch pad for blockchain startups. Discover the vision and characteristics of this ecosystem, as well as direct access to its website.

Genius X is a revolutionary business gas pedal program. It empowers early-stage startups to create impactful and scalable blockchain-based businesses. This will enable them to make a positive impact on a global scale.

This ecosystem has come into being thanks to a team of experts, mentors and entrepreneurs with decades of experience in diverse sectors.

The aim of the project is to accelerate the growth of startups by providing them with all the tools they need to succeed in their various ventures. Not only by connecting them to relevant strategic partners, but also by providing technical mentoring and business advice.

Genius X, introduction:

A brand-new business begins with a dream or vision of how the world can become a better place. Before launching a company, founders embark on a journey to realize this vision.
In the process of solving a new and often unexpected set of problems, every entrepreneur is faced with the choice of how to proceed. Should he pivot, adjust and modify his idea to adapt, or should he dig deeper and persist with his original plan?

In the digital age, the entrepreneur has an infinite number of resources at his or her disposal, and while this is certainly a blessing, it also presents a new challenge: sifting through this wealth of information.

Incubation programs are specifically designed to solve the problems faced by start-ups, providing them with the basic – sometimes long-term – resources to find their way through the chaotic mass of information, guidance and opportunities that can derail the fundamental vision an entrepreneur is pursuing.

While an incubator is an invaluable resource for these early-stage companies, the specific services offered are not the same as those needed by a startup that already has a clear path and even some traction in the market. That’s where the acceleration programs specially designed for the Genius X platform come in.

Accelerators: One +

When a venture has some momentum and is already on their way towards realizing their vision, they have a different set of necessities.

The problems and challenges more mature projects face are very different, especially when sifting through the vast amount of resources and information that is available.
The adage that, “it is not what you know, but who you know” rings more true than ever.

In the journey for a project to go from One to the Moon (or at least landing amongst the stars), is going to directly reflect the connections and guidance they receive along the way.

Accelerator Programs, like Genius X, are one of the most tried and true ways for a new venture to take their vision, and rapidly refine it to not just survive in the real world, but to soar higher than anyone would have expected.

The resources offered by an accelerator program are much more bespoke to the needs of a venture that is ready to scale. They are also more rapidly implemented since the vision is clear.

From technical auditing or legal advice to leadership and management practices, the best accelerators provide the necessary mentorship, resources, and fundraising to launch a project to its full potential.

Application and Selection Process

In order to join the Genius X accelerator program, startups must first submit an application.

Finding high-potential projects can be challenging. The world-class team behind Genius X reviews each project thoroughly by conducting due diligence prior to their acceptance. In addition to the due diligence process, to meet national and international regulatory requirements, each of the founding members is required to undergo a background check, where their identity and work experience is verified. Each startup is evaluated quantitatively and qualitatively depending on their stage of development.

Each startup is assessed across several dimensions to determine their readiness and fit to the Genius X Accelerator Program. Some of these include; Team, Value Proposition, Market-fit, Product,

Token Design, and Business Strategy

The Genius X team takes a holistic approach, examining projects from different angles, such as product-market fit or community buy-in. Thanks to this due diligence process, many projects are eliminated, resulting in higher-quality projects with a greater chance of success.

Accelerator Program

The Genius X Accelerator program is designed for projects at different stages of development and creates a customized solution for each project that enables them to successfully launch their product.

During the application review process, the Genius X Research team looks for projects with committed founders, a strong execution capability, and the technical capabilities to build on Cardano.

The Genius X Research team also looks for startups that have developed a POC or MVP to demonstrate that their solution has traction and demand.

While each project’s requirements are unique, Genius X provides comprehensive business, legal, marketing, product, and Web3-specific expertise.

By the end of the program, the Genius X Accelerator provides essential elements for future, development, growth, and product deployment, including:

  • Fundraising strategy and execution
  • Initial Stake Poof Offering (ISPO) design and support (only for Cardano-based projects)
  • MVP and product development strategy
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Pitch deck design and presentation training
  • Token design and token classification
  • Budget and forecast planning; revenue model optimisation
  • Technical white paper review
  • Marketing and community building
  • UX/UI (product/web)
  • Strategic partnership connections, including market makers, centralized exchanges (CEXs), and decentralized exchanges (DEXs)
  • Legal entity set-up
  • Access to expert workshops
  • Smart contract audit and review
  • 1:1 consultation meetings with industry experts

Projects in the Genius X Accelerator program also receive support with their fundraising strategy, including:

  • Private financing rounds with private angel and venture capital investors in the Genius X network
  • For Cardano-based projects, ISPO financing: supported by Maestro (A Genius X partner and Genius X portfolio company)
  • Public token sale via an Initial DEX Offering (IDO) through the Genius X Launchpad

The Genius X accelerator program is mostly geared towards startups building on the Cardano Blockchain. Nevertheless most of the offering is blockchain agnostic and Genius X can provide support to any Web3 startup no matter their blockchain of choice.

Direct access to the official website

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