MTMS Network: Transforming Education with Blockchain

MTMS - introduction

MTMS Network: Transforming Education with Blockchain. Discover the features of this new blockchain-based ecosystem and get direct access to their website.

MTMS, discover this Web3 portal ready to transform education with the power of blockchain.

If you follow the decentralized web, then this project should be of interest to you, as it is part of a real revolution in e-learning.

MTMS – introduction:

Empowering learners, rewarding educators, decentralizing material sharing and establishing proof of learning are the cornerstones of MTMS’s innovative approach to education. This Education Web3 portal, underpinned by blockchain technology, is revolutionizing the learning landscape.

This revolutionary functionality not only guarantees increased security and transparency, but also introduces a token-based ecosystem, powered by the MTMS token. This unique approach allows learners to earn tokens while exploring educational content. At the same time, it enables educators to improve their revenues by sharing not only their knowledge, but also educational material effortlessly, providing secure proof of learning.


MTMS Web3 Portal envisions a future where education transcends boundaries. The mission is to empower learners worldwide by providing seamless access to diverse, high-quality content. The aim is to recognize and reward educators for their expertise, encouraging collaboration through a decentralized platform for sharing materials and guaranteeing secure proof of learning.

Vision: Rooted in inclusivity, the vision is to cultivate a vibrant ecosystem where the MTMS token drives the growth of educators and learners, making knowledge accessible and impactful globally. MTMS Web3 Portal is more than just a platform; it’s a vision for a connected and empowered world through education. We simplify the user experience, bridging Web2 users to engage seamlessly with the blockchain industry, creating an environment where learning knows no bounds.

MTMS Web3 Model Overview:

The MTMS Web3 model represents a forward-thinking approach to education, leveraging Web3 technologies to enhance the learning experience. Here are the key components of the MTMS Web3 model:

Blockchain Integration:

  • Utilization of blockchain technology for enhanced security, transparency, and immutability in transactions.
  • Smart contracts to automate and secure processes such as token rewards and proof of learning.

Token Economy:

  • The MTMS token serves as the backbone, fueling transactions and incentives within the Web3 ecosystem.
  • Token rewards for both learners and educators, promoting collaboration and high-quality content creation.

NFT Ebook Marketplace and Decentralized Material Sharing:

  • A decentralized platform allowing educators to seamlessly share educational materials.
  • Improved accessibility to a diverse range of educational content.
  • Our platform stands out with the integration of an NFT Ebook Marketplace. This innovation provides publishers with a fair and transparent system for earning commissions, protecting their rights, and leveraging blockchain technology for ownership and authenticity.

Proof of Learning:

  • Integration of a secure proof-of-learning system using blockchain to verify and validate acquired knowledge.
  • Ensuring the authenticity and mastery of educational materials shared on the platform.

Collaborative and Inclusive Ecosystem:

  • Fostering collaboration among learners and educators through decentralized features.
  • Inclusivity in the design, encouraging diverse participation from global users.

Global Accessibility:

  • Breaking down geographical barriers, making knowledge accessible on a global scale.
  • A user-friendly interface that simplifies the learning experience for users engaging with both traditional Web2 and Web3 technologies.

Educator Recognition:

  • Recognition and rewards for educators based on their expertise, contributions, and the quality of content shared.

Community Engagement:

  • Encouraging active participation and engagement within the MTMS Web3 community.


How does the integration of GloboRoom – Live Education Network into the MTMS Web3 portal occur? How does it empower learners, reward educators, decentralize material sharing, and establish a secure proof of learning?

GloboRoom has been developed by MTMS Network since 2022.

It is a place where education converges with technology in an innovative way. As a leading EdTech startup, you’ll find online coaching courses and a seamless meeting platform. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, it’s possible to revolutionize the way students learn and educators teach, breaking down geographical barriers and making education accessible to all.

How Does GloboRoom – Live Education Network Become Part of the MTMS Web3 Portal?

The MTMS Education Web3 Portal serves as the essential bridge connecting the GloboRoom Live Education Network to the Web3 system. Its primary goal is to transform education by empowering learners, recognizing educators, decentralizing material sharing, and establishing secure proof of learning. This integrated platform seamlessly combines advanced technology, creating an interactive and rewarding educational experience that enhances accessibility and engagement for all.

In a nutshell:

MTMS Network is an innovative blockchain project with a focus on education. Here are some key points about it:

  1. Objective: MTMS Network aims to revolutionize education by empowering learners, rewarding educators, and decentralizing material sharing.
  2. Features:
    • Live Interaction: The platform encourages real-time interaction between learners and educators.
    • Social Collaboration: Users can collaborate and share knowledge.
    • Tokenomics: MTMS tokens play a central role in incentivizing participation.
  3. Meet to Earn Platform:
    • MTMS Network introduces a unique concept: a Meet to Earn Platform. Users can earn MTMS tokens through virtual meetings and by supporting knowledge sharing online.
  4. Token Details:
    • Symbol: MTMS
    • Fully Diluted Valuation (FDV): Currently at $4,676,508 USD1.
    • Circulating Supply: 6 billion MTMS tokens.
    • Maximum Supply: Also 6 billion MTMS tokens.

The MTMS Education Web3 portal is the essential link between the GloboRoom Live educational network and the Web3 system.

As you can imagine, its main mission is to revolutionize education by empowering learners, rewarding educators, decentralizing material sharing and guaranteeing secure proof of learning.

This seamlessly integrated platform brings together cutting-edge technologies to create an interactive and rewarding educational experience, making knowledge more accessible and attractive to all.

Direct access to the official website

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