Perpboost, aggregator + perpetual protocol powered by LSD’S


Perpboost, aggregator + perpetual protocol powered by LSD’S. Find out more about its features and direct access to the official website.

PerpBoost ensures a smooth leverage trading experience with zero price impact, 100x leverage, and aggregated Perps liquidity. Benefit from the lowest funding rates with our unique blend of P2P execution engine and Liquid staking derivatives (LSDs).

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Perpboost, overview:

The PerpBoost Leveraged Trading Ecosystem is an innovative decentralized system that finds the best way to open a leveraged trade across different Perpetual protocols and guarantees the best rates by P2P order matching.

It operates as a comprehensive solution that provides optimized trading costs, extensive liquidity, a versatile spectrum of leverage options, and various market choices for traders.

Here are the three integral functionalities that form the cornerstone of the PerpBoost Ecosystem:

  1. Leveraged Trading Functionality – This core feature of the protocol incorporates an efficient leveraged trading system that offers zero price impact trading and allows for high leverage of up to 100x. It also negates counterparty risks for traders, offering an optimized on-chain trading experience. Traders engage with the PBTLP pool, the native liquidity pool of the PerpBoost protocol.
  2. Leveraged Trading Aggregation Functionality – This functionality in the PerpBoost ecosystem is responsible for autonomously pinpointing the most appropriate liquidity pathway across different chains, which minimizes the composite cost for traders while satisfying the demands for opening positions. This feature also can supply additional margins to traders, allowing them to elevate their leverage up to 100x on aggregated underlying protocols.
  3. The intersection of Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs) and Perpetuals – PerpBoost incorporates the emerging concept of LSDs, allowing traders to supply LSDs in the PerpBoost native pool. The intersection of LSDs and Perpetuals yields exciting opportunities for crypto enthusiasts seeking to amplify their staking rewards while speculating on underlying asset price movements.

The PerpBoost Leveraged Trading Ecosystem encapsulates a forward-thinking merger of leveraged trading, aggregation, and liquid staking functionalities, thus significantly advancing DeFi protocols. The system will continue to grow and adapt to the evolving landscape of DeFi, as the development contributors are deeply committed to continuous innovation and introducing new features and technologies to cater to the evolving needs of traders.

LSD X Perpetual

The Intersection of Liquid Staking (LSDs) and Perpetuals

Liquid staking (LSDs) is an innovative approach that allows users to earn staking rewards while maintaining the liquidity of their staked assets. It offers a novel solution to the trade-off between liquidity and yield, a traditional challenge in staking models. It accomplishes this through the creation of Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs), a new class of assets that represent ownership of staked tokens while also being freely tradable in secondary markets.

Perpetuals, on the other hand, are an exciting financial instrument popular in the crypto trading landscape. They allow traders to speculate on the price of an asset without the obligation of taking ownership. Perpetual contracts, unlike traditional futures, lack an expiry date and can be held indefinitely, thereby providing a considerable advantage in terms of flexibility and strategic possibilities for traders.

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