Kei Finance builds the next generation DeFi ecosystem

Kei Finance

Kei Finance builds the next generation DeFi ecosystem. Discover the characteristics of its ecosystem and its official website.

Kei Finance is pushing the needle in the DeFi space by introducing new financial innovations to the DeFi community.

Decentralized finance protocols have rapidly evolved to offer users more transparency, accessibility and security than traditional financial instruments. This new ecosystem reinforces this process, find out how?

Kei Finance: getting started

What makes Kei Finance so special?

It operates on a fully autonomous blockchain-based reward system that is owned and backed by the community. Every token is designed to accrue more realistic value for every staker, and rewards do not diminish over time. The platform distributes profits across the protocol through multiple tiers, including Staking Rewards, Treasury Rewards, Debt Rewards, and Affiliate Rewards.

Buying / Selling

Buying / Selling on Kei Finance

Once users have successfully connected their wallet they can immediately engage in the buying process. To purchase Kei tokens, users would need to have some funds in their wallets to exchange these assets for Kei tokens via a process otherwise known as ‘Swapping’.

Unlike conventional DeFi platforms, the ‘Supplier contract’ on Kei Finance is designed such that when users try to swap their ETH for Kei tokens, the supplying happens inside the tokens from the ‘Swap.’ Such that, when a user initiates a ‘Swap’ order on Kei Protocol the router automatically execute a ‘Bond’ and a ’Swap,’ behind the scenes, in the best way that is for the user.
For instance, following a purchase order, should the purchase price specified by the user be cheaper than the ‘Swap’ price, the platform intuitively selects the ‘Bond’ price to buy from and vice versa – doing all of that in one transaction.

Currently, on Kei Finance, users can exchange their Ethereum tokens for Kei at a discount rate by purchasing Kei directly from their dashboard.

Earning Rewards

Staking on Kei Finance

Upon purchasing the Kei token – by swapping assets (like Ethereum) for Kei – holders become eligible to participate in the Kei Protocol liquidity pool – where they take their Kei tokens and then they stake them.

The staking contract will be a core way for users to grow their investment over a long period of time by earning long-term rewards and high yields on their staked investments. Staked Kei tokens are used to secure, grow, ensure and re-assure the protocol’s continuous operability. On Kei, the longer you stake, the better reward you get – it’s that simple!

Although, there is an option to stake your Kei tokens upon initiating a ‘Buy order,’ users who skipped that step can re-initiate the process anytime as Staking on Kei Protocol can be done in three simple steps. Follow the step-by-step tutorial below to learn how to do so.

In summary:

Kei Finance is a cutting-edge DeFi protocol built on Ethereum with its native ERC20 utility token, KEI, available for purchase at the protocol’s launch. It is community-owned, empowering investors to have a say in its future direction. The platform offers practical use cases and rewards for all investors.

With a brilliant team and innovative technology, KEI is poised for explosive growth in 2023. Expect exciting developments and use cases to emerge as the platform enters its early stages. With a commitment to excellence and community support, the future looks bright for KEI.

Direct access to the official website

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