Metaplayers Universe, introduction

Metaplayers Universe

Metaplayers Universe, introduction. Discover an ecosystem of infinite possibilities, its goals, features and more.

Metaplayers will help you move up in the eSports industry, find out why and how?

Is your work related to gaming and eSports in any way? Then you have a spot in this ecosystem!

If you’re interested in GameFi news, then check out this new project, it might just interest you.

Metaplayers Universe, why choose this ecosystem?

This project connects businesses and individuals to create a new ecosystem for gaming and the crypto world.

How to start?

The MetaPlayersGG website connects all the different aspects of this ecosystem, serving as a main HUB for many services. As a gamer you can utilize the platform in many ways.

eSport orgs

Putting together rotation, staying in contact with the teams/players, and being responsible for fair play is essential for a successful eSports event.

Join the MPU and become visible to millions of innovative thinkers who live in the virtual world – to gamers.


Communication, media, creative, production, and marketing agencies all have a role in the MPU.


Any venue with eSports-compatible infrastructure can host regular MPU-organized offline events.

Content creators

Streamers, gaming, and crypto influencers play a crucial role in the promotion of our events and services.

This is your time to shine! A whole new gaming universe with multi-source income opportunities is waiting for you.


Large eSport tournaments attract many viewers providing great advertising platforms for businesses.

Focusing on:

Tournament creation
eSport events bringing together all participants of the industry.

eSports marketing
Besides sport, it’s entertainment with an enormous viewer base.

Large-scale events require the participants to work together effectively.

In short, this is what Metaplayers Universe is all about:

A vast ecosystem with a physical gaming venue, a tournament organizing platform, its own cryptocurrency, and countless opportunities.

Direct access to the official website

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