Wirtual, transform your healthy habits into cryptocurrency

Wirtual, transform your healthy habits into cryptocurrency. Discover the characteristics of the project and the official website.


WIRTUAL started out as a test project in the science of Growth Methodology. It was founded to solve a pain point in the market, to make exercise more fun, more immersive, and to bring people together in the virtual world.


The project is to create an Avatar, a character that can play a major role in all Metaverses that will exist in the future. The goal is to merge users’ profiles in the real world with their profiles in the virtual world.

The goal of expanding this application is to create an entire ecosystem in the form of a new type of social media platform that has never been done before.


The mission is to encourage and reward healthy habits. Every time you exercise, you earn cryptocurrency that can be used to purchase tangible or intangible products.

Wirtual, business model

A few words from the team:

WIRTUAL’s goal is to evolve the company and expand on the global market. We want our products and services to be intuitive for our users. We value technology and creativity as tools for our advancement and growth. Our business model is focused on generating revenue from day one. Therefore, we will not use a burn rate based startup model. We want our business to grow by generating profits from the beginning.

The future of social media

The company’s vision is to create a Metaverse, which has begun in the world of fitness and sports. In order to expand this virtual reality space where users can interact with one another, we will further branch out into the social media model to create even more engagement. However, we have long observed the way traditional social media models exploit their users’ data and infringe on their privacy.

At WIRTUAL, we want to build something different. We have rejected the idea of taking advantage of our users and have already developed a model where our revenue stream will not rely on selling advertisements.

We believe strongly in data privacy and have put its control back into the hands of our users. Whether or not you wish to submit your data to us in return for revenue, is entirely up to you. We believe we can achieve growth without compromising our values.

Wirtual token:

The number of WIRTUAL parts is limited. The goal is to create real use cases for our coins, with as much overlap with the tangible sector as possible. In the medium term the goal is to bridge the gap between the “real” sector and the blockchain.

More information by visiting the official website

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