TAHU NFT, here is the first NFT platform offering 3D real-time media

TAHU NFT, the first NFT platform offering real-time 3D media, resulting from the meeting of the advanced media industry and blockchain technology.


TAHU mixes different industries’ elements and actors to deliver innovative creations and products. Indeed, the interconnection of different industries and techniques allows the creation of new products and services adapted to current markets.

Tahu, why are you interested in it?

■ We are the first NFT platform offering 3D media in real time.
in real time.

■ We allow creators to sell a wide variety of content types.

■ We offer the ability to sell to a huge number of players in the media industry.

■ We provide assets that are completely innovative and of great value.

■ We provide assets to investors, collectors and the
communication industry.

Tahu, the platform:

TAHU software-pipeline is connecting blockchain with real-time rendering technology through top-level services. Because of our creative vision, we are able to upgrade utilities and utilize cutting edge technology to find new mechanisms to deliver innovative contents.

TAHU platform is a digital ecosystem composed mainly by 3 elements:

Cloud application:

Core applications and services are created by Amazon Web Services to obtain total reliability and development flexibility and to implement blockchain domains and IPFS data storage.

Modular Content Rendering

Contents is delivered through multiple modules in order to render heterogeneous content types within a seamless pipeline, allowing client-side and cloud-side content rendering.

Blockchain automated services

Smart contracts and their functions are automated by custom coded services in order to smooth ecosystem modules connection and offer an abstract layer for future software integration.

Experiential NFT

TAHU offers a variety of different content which will extend in time, following technology and market evolution.

The platform allows both client and cloud real-time rendering, delivering immersive interactive media, circumventing the actual NFT assets scenario which is limited to static assets.

A TAHU NFT asset can be a simple 3D model as well as a complete video game, exploring all the possibilities of multidisciplinary digital art creations. Lastly, TAHU assets take advantage of XR visualization such as virtual and augmented reality, giving all these potential into the hands of creators.

TAHU nfts are polyvalent interactive experiences, whether it is about art, games or any digital experience, TAHU nfts encapsulates rich content that take advantage of current scenarios from every point of view

TAHU Collections:

The most reliable element in the project economy is represented by proprietary collections, created by incubator teams or specific partnerships, aiming to deliver
cutting edge artistic innovation into a digital art environment.


NFT items can be staked in order to receive TAHU token rewards that allows collectors to enrich their collections by revenue obtained on their own investment.

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