Polly token, the native token of Polly Finance

Polly token, the native token of Polly Finance. Polly is Polly Finance’s governance token, find out what it does below.

Polly token

Polly token, to fully understand its usefulness, you need to discover all the advantages that the Polly Finance platform offers.

With Polly Nests, you can diversify your crypto portfolio and earn passive returns with just a few clicks! Nests use standalone strategies that will minimize the effort needed to maximize your returns.

Polly Finance has an exciting opportunity to become a leading platform for the community and eventually anyone to create their own nests to manage diverse assets, purchase them easily and automated their farming.

We plan to do this by curating ideas from the community to begin with, helping them to form strategies for picking tokens from leading projects and putting them to work earning yield using proven methods. The end goal will be to open the platform up completely to allow anyone to create their own strategy, allowing you to comfortably invest in your preferred strategies with the confidence that your tokens working hard for you.

Nests are just one of the products we have planned and fall under the soft synthetics category – a token that represents a basket of underlying tokens. In the case of Polly Finance they will be branded nests in keeping with the parrot theme.

Polly token allows you to interact and obtain benefits on the Poly Finance platform:

Polly Finance is home to some of the most diverse baskets on Polygon, all managed autonomously. With Polly Nests, you can easily get balanced exposure to digital assets on the Polygon Network.

Diversify Your Exposure

Earn Passive Yield

Nests are designed to be truly set-and-forget, maximizing your returns at a a fraction of the cost and effort. Nests leverage automated strategies utilizing staking, lending, and yield farming- No management or constant monitoring necessary!

Meet Polly DAO

Polly is governed, maintained, and upgraded by its token holders. Polly DAO empowers users to curate their own Nests and develop complex strategies of their own.

Polly token, what you need to know:

Polly is Polly Finance’s governance token, allowing you to vote on the composition of Nests, the strategies they will follow, and the future direction of the project.

In order to create a Nest, you need to burn a quantity of Polly, as the burning process is complex for Polly, nDEFI’s automated recipe will buy and burn the right amount for you during the asset creation process. The amount of Polly to burn is currently tied to the volume demand of your issue order, but governance can vote to change this pattern.

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