Seismic crypto bank, the evolution of financial services

Seismic crypto bank, the evolution of financial services. Discover financial services within South Africa and the global market.

Seismic Crypto Bank Ltd is a public company incorporated in the Republic of South Africa with CIPC Registration number: 2021/154161/06.

The company provides transactional, debit and investment financial services within South Africa and the global market.

As a South African himself, Gert Cloete, the founder of Seismic Crypto Bank Ltd noticed over the years that a lot of communities and nations not only in Africa, but worldwide, suffer from the difficulty of having access to traditional banking. With citizens affected by the fact that they are unbanked and/or from low-income communities, banking at traditional institutions can prove to be very expensive, taking into consideration traveling many miles to and from those institutions.

Seismic Crypto Bank Ltd has arrived to tackle all of these problems, by making banking transactions simple with the touch of a button. Seismic’s low transaction fees and accessibility worldwide makes Seismic the financial institution made for the global community.

Seismic Crypto Bank Ltd provides financial services with the highest levels of integrity, security and transparency, to ensure that our clients have a seamless experience while transacting with Seismic’s financial platform.

The ultimate vision for Seismic Crypto Bank Ltd is to become the dominating power and banking partner of choice for people worldwide and in the crypto space.

Seismic crypto bank

Seismic Crypto Bank purpose:

In South Africa, Seismic Crypto Bank Ltd is built for the unbanked, informal and lower income users.

Seismic aims to provide an effective alternative to traditional banking and give users easy and fast access to their funds. Globally, Seismic provides users with the ability to spend crypto currency on a wide variety of products and services along with upcoming on and off ramping features.

Seismic Crypto Bank Ltd offers an alternative to traditional banking. The bank allows for the adherence of transactional solutions to both: the real world with global expansion plans as well as the crypto community.

Using Seismic enables users on each end to enjoy the benefits of seamless transacting without limitations and the high cost of traditional banks.

Transactions on the Seismic platform:

  • Payments to other Seismic account holders.
  • Bank transfers.
  • Cash withdrawals (limited to KYC consumers).
  • Make purchases with your Seismic debit card.
  • Purchase mobile airtime, data, and SMS plans.
  • Prepaid utility bills.
  • Ability to transfer funds.
  • Investment and loan products.
  • Seismic merchant services will launch in Q1 2022.

Why use it?

Although South Africa boasts a world-class financial system, the transaction costs within the traditional South African banking system are very high and difficult for the majority of its users.

This ecosystem offers an alternative to this and allows for adherence to specific regulations that are often overlooked by employers in the target market. In addition to ease of use and cost effectiveness, Seismic takes great pride in the fact that all international transactions within the Seismic ecosystem are immediately available to the receiving party, regardless of location.

The bank provides the user with a state-of-the-art banking experience, doing away with wait times and traditional means of transaction while capitalizing on the accessibility, efficiency, low transaction costs and profitability of crypto-currencies.

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