RillaFi amplifies the power of traditional finance, find out how?


RillaFi amplifies the power of traditional finance, find out how? Here are the characteristics of the project and direct access to its official website.

RillaFi is radically innovating philanthropic giving and tax strategy by leveraging the power of decentralized finance, blockchain technology and decentralization. By leveraging on-chain tools, users can optimize their philanthropic giving and tax strategy while supporting the causes they care about most. The $RILLA token unifies the protocol and ecosystem while providing real utility to users.

RillaFi, the mission:

The mission is to decentralize, amplify, and accelerate charitable giving.
Any asset, any chain, any time.

RillaFi augments and amplifies your donation through the power of DeFi.

This is a Delaware nonprofit public benefit corporation headquartered in New Jersey, federally tax-exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Revenue Code. All donations to RillaFi or to a RillaFi community/support fund are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.

RillaFi is supported by a strong community of donors, builders and technical experts.


The blockchain ecosystem is rapidly developing. Investors, entrepreneurs, and ordinary people alike have flocked to blockchain-powered technologies to enjoy on-chain transparency, finality, smart transaction functionality, and the absence of centralized intermediaries.

These next-generation digital solutions are the core of this project.

These next-generation digital solutions are the core technology stack of this ecosystem. This project and its native $RILLA token are created with a strong conviction and commitment to real change in the philanthropic funding ecosystem and the empowerment of nonprofits worldwide.


RillaFi is designed to have a highly decentralized financial infrastructure, which will allow the platform to survive independently, facilitating community-led growth, sustainability, and development. To achieve this, RillaFi will enable shared community ownership and a diverse, vibrant, and dedicated governance system, which will enhance the platform’s future development.


Leveraging a decentralized ledger prevents tampering or illegal reproduction of tokens.


The RillaFi ecosystem is built on the Optimism blockchain and follows the ERC-20 token standard. We believe this token model will be the most effective as it allows for simple token transfers and exchanges and easy integration with wallets and decentralized applications. We are aware of the need to increase the level of TPS on each platform and we will remain up to date on layer 2 scaling projects as well as alternative blockchain technologies.

Ecosystem at a Glance

The RillaFi marketplace is fueled by the $RILLA native asset. The ecosystem will be accessible via mobile and browser and will integrate into the existing blockchain ecosystem through partnerships with DEXes, Launch Pads, direct ties with blockchain communities.

This marketplace includes the following services:

  • Marketplace for donors to search or create targeted funds for the nonprofits they care about most.
  • A streamlined solution for nonprofits, private donors, and industry partners to create, fund, and socialize grants and funding requests.
  • A DEX connection to enable users to directly purchase $RILLA within our Dapp.
  • Professional services and consultancy for donors and nonprofits seeking to leverage digital assets as philanthropic capital
  • A marketplace for users to buy and sell their philanthropic art and services.

Protocol Community Funds

Similar to community funds, RillaFunds are governed by multiple stakeholders rather than a single entity. In the case of community funds, specific contributors to that fund become part of the governance team. RillaFunds are funded partially through platform fees, therefore all $RILLA holders get to participate in governance including yield-strategies, grant recommendations and more.

Direct access to the official website

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