StereoAI, what is it?

StereoAI, what is it? Discover the characteristics of the project, its advantages as well as the direct access to its website.


StereoAI combines music creation with artificial intelligence.

Here is a decentralized finance project that combines music creation with artificial intelligence to enable music creators and fans to earn money. StereoAI offers a unique platform to unite the talents of all musicians, allowing them to share and monetize their work safely.

You can create real hits with AI and upload their creations to the StereoAI platform, where music lovers can discover, enjoy and support the work of artists. Also, the use of artificial intelligence allows the platform to offer creators and users the opportunity to earn passive income through the $STAI token while enjoying their passion!

If you like to follow the DeFi news, then you will certainly like to discover this project, because it answers precise needs by combining DeFi, music and artificial intelligence.

StereoAI, AI and music, basic information:

AI can create music in several ways. The first is through the creation of musical patterns from existing data, such as popular songs, sheet music, MIDI files, and other audio formats. This is known as computer music generation. This technology can be used to create melodies, complete songs, arrangements, and more.

Another way AI can create music is through the use of neural networks, this is the case of StereoAI. These neural networks can analyze patterns in existing music and then create unique music from those patterns. This technology can also be applied to create melodies, complete songs, arrangements, and more.

Blockchain implementation

StereoAI will allow users to create songs with a variety of tools, such as virtual synthesizers, a beat generator, a sound library and a selection of sound effects. Users can also create and customize their own songs with the help of AI, which is capable of emulating the style of a variety of famous artists.

Once the song is complete, the user can share it with other users on the platform, allowing them to vote for their favorite songs. The platform will also include a reward system in the form of tokens, which can be used to gain access to new content, as well as to purchase music-related products and services.

Use AI to earn

Welcome to Prompt to earn. StereoAI allows you to generate a unique song generated using the merge of AI and your talent. You can use your $STAI to create your hit and obtain high returns.

$STAI Token

The $STAI token is powered by the value of AI. Users will transmit to their creations through AI the value with the $STAI token. That value will be the one understood as invested to generate the high APR of the protocol. It is an investment vehicle that merges DeFi technology with the most advanced AIs.

$STAI has a triple usecase

  • Access to the creators zone. The token is necessary to stack it to access the area where the magic is made and where the songs are generated. Also you will earn if the users like your hits.
  • Generate income as a user: you can only generate passive income if you hold $STAI in your wallet.
  • Investment: traders can speculate on the value of $STAI because with more users and creators in StereoAI platform, more value $STAI will accumulate.

Coinscope has audited StereoAI with static analysis and manual contract review. Security assessment assist investors in drawing their own conclusions. The contract analysis depicts all the critical and informative findings.

Direct access to the official website

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