$Pyro, what you shouldn’t ignore

$Pyro, what you shouldn’t ignore. Find out more about this token and its official website.

$Pyro - Pyromatic

$PYRO is a hyper deflationary token that increases in value with each buy/sell.

The burn will be a true burn and will remove tokens from the total supply with each buy/sell transaction.

Since supply is limited, the floor price has no choice but to continually increase as the burn rate accelerates.

The project has developed a burn bot for hire by other projects. If a developer or future project wants to have a guaranteed fully functional burner contract they will need to use our custom burns $PYRO contract with 2% going to $PYRO from all their future buy/sell transactions pushing the price of PYRO up even further alongside our burn bot with $PYRO ad-placements.

$PYRO Burn Never Stops

The team behind $PYRO has strategically planned and designed tokenomics in a way that will keep burning $PYRO tokens forever on the blockchain. We call this strategy the “$PYRO burn principle”, and the flames will continue to burn forever.

As the number of $PYRO tokens continues to fall due to the burns a phenomenon called the gamma squeeze is expected to occur, resulting in a $PYRO supply shock, this phenomenon will rapidly increase the price of each individual $PYRO due to scarcity as the total supply rapidly diminishes.

$PYRO will burn 6% of every buy and sell automatically.

The advantages of this ecosystem summarized in a few words:

Telegram Burn Bot

100% of taxes to burns

No Team Tokens

Liquidity Locked

Contract Renounced

Huge Marketing

Diamond hand NFT’s

Real Use Case

Community Focused

Hot New Utility For Telegram

If you follow DEFI news, you’ve seen bots like “bobby buy bot” and “bubble buy bot” flooding Telegram chats when purchases are made in the project. These bots are doing a great job of building excitement in the community and keeping investors engaged. We plan to enter this space with a companion bot that will help accompany the buy bots in Telegram chats and further multiply the hype and engagement…

Instead of a buy bot, we’ve introduced a burn bot, the PYRO-bot, which will show how many tokens are being burned with each transaction, one by one. Think about how this could keep engagement strong, and build communities in this space. These bot posts are easily shared among communities, and it will keep people aware of the value and rarity of these tokens over time!

The utility doesn’t stop with the burn bot… There are plans to add another utility that could benefit other projects on the road, so stay tuned for that announcement…

Join the fastest burning token on ERC20 and watch the token flames burn for eternity.

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