Pet World, play and win, the GameFi principle

Pet World, play and win, the GameFi principle. A game supported by the Binance Smart Chain network (stay tuned)

Pet World

Pet World, play and win, the GameFi principle. Blockchain technology gives a new lease
of life to blind box games.

If you like to play online, then discover the benefits of a vibrant community of NFT players and enthusiasts. Learn all the latest tips and tricks to succeed in GameFi.

Pet World, a game based on blockchain:

The Pet World blind box is a pet game with investment value, fun and interesting, and the Pet World pass is a permanent virtual asset similar to Bitcoin. The game is currently in its primary stage, there are six types of pet stars, each pet has a different working efficiency, and pets can be traded. Pets can be traded.

Pets cannot be traded during the pledge period. You can pledge tokens to upgrade your working efficiency and pledge LPs to upgrade your working efficiency to get the corresponding income.

The value of the pets will be increased through continuous upgrading, and the interaction with the virtual pets will become more realistic, and the value of the pets will be increased through pet battles and pet adoption.

Animal breeding in blockchain is decentralized, data is no longer stored by the operator stored by the operator, the important data is stored on the blockchain, which is blockchain, which is more secure. The use of digital currency to settle the game game settlement breaks the silo economy model, the users’ transaction procedures become more users’ transaction procedures become simpler and transaction procedures of users become simpler and more economical. the game, but are largely tied to real assets.

The blockchain data storage method makes it impossible for game operators to tamper with and delete game data at will, and also makes it impossible for game operators to cheat anymore, making game data transparent and trustworthy.

In the Pet World ecosystem, buyers can open the blind box and discover new and exciting pets, adding to the fun of discovery. the blind box mechanism of Pet World is governed by the platform’s token holders. This also references the common practice of current DeFi projects. In other words, Pet World is a decentralised marketplace which, over time, will ultimately be determined by its token holders, with the curators being the “value drivers” of the blind box marketplace.

PW Token

Pet world tokens are the main in-game currency and are used mainly in the first phase for trading swapping upgrading pets and their special qualities and in matchmaking to buy tickets.

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