MicroPets, what is it?

MicroPets is a Binance Smart Chain token that capitalizes on the current meme coin and NFT hype.


MicroPets, here’s the home of the cutest NFTs in the Binance Smart Chain! Find your favorite memes here will be packaged in adorable pets that you can trade or bet. The rarer the MicroPet, the better the rewards.

MicroPets, who is behind this platform?

The MicroPets team is made up of over 30 challenge experts and marketing experts. Our goal? To serve our community and investors, ensuring a fun and engaging environment that is fun and engaging with
marketing efforts.

How does MicroPets work financially?

MicroPets combines the power of a low purchase tax with a reasonable sales tax. and a reasonable sales tax! By having that a portion of each transaction is added to the liquidity ensures less price volatility while manual manual buyback is used to create bullish momentum upward momentum or defend key support areas.

The marketing fee not only ensures a continuous flow of continuous flow of new investors, but also provides the but also the funding necessary for the continued development of the of the ecosystem.

The smart contract enables the development team to manually turn off all buying tax while increasing selling tax, ensuring that investors have a prime opportunity to invest during dips on the chart. This drives excessive buying pressure at key moments for the project.



Each NFT is equipped with their own unique rarity and staking rewards. Users are continuously encouraged to further spend their MicroPets tokens on crates, enabling them to potentially earn rarer
and rarer NFT’s and even higher staking rewards.

MicroPets, marketplace:

Users can easily sell their pets on the marketplace either as individuals or in a stack.

These selling options create a better user experience as there are less button clicks. It’s up to the users to set their own listing costs in MicroPets tokens, creating a free market for consumers.

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