OASIS Token, a decentralized crypto-currency, what is its purpose?

OASIS Token, a decentralized crypto-currency, what is its purpose? Discover a project that innovates and integrates the world of NFT with the gaming industry.


The OASIS Token is a deflationary token with a strong tokenomic that allows the task to grow healthy and steady. This token includes a transaction mechanism to help stabilize the price, because the supply in circulation decreases the demand increases, and an effective price pressure occurs at the easy but powerful combustion mechanism that guarantees stability.

The management team decided to use NFT as a device to help spread the name and publicize this aspect of the market using our custom NFT marketplace.

Each transaction in the OASIS token protocol automatically creates liquidity on PancakeSwap, a decentralized exchange that operates on-chain and has many features such as the harvest of liquidity tokens, liquidity provider profits, and much more. An automated market maker (“PMM”) allows two tokens to be exchanged on the Binance smart chain, this is where you can earn OASIS tokens through many upcoming events and pools, being beneficial for long-term contributors and helps preserve the community. Informed and rewarded.

OASIS token develops a unique NFT marketplace and connects decentralized communities. Now people can own exclusive rights to their own themes, characters, videos, music, and more. With all this we will launch an NFT marketplace where people will receive their unique indivisible tokens.

Oasis token, summary of its characteristics:

A deflationary token built to succeed provides a decentralized transaction network with a maximum circulating supply of 100M Oasis. As the circulating supply decreases, as the supply decrease and the demand increase, a positive price pressure occurs in addition to the simple but effective burning mechanism which ensures that sky is the limit.

The team is utilizing the NFTs as a tool to help spread the name and provide awareness of this side of the market using our custom-made NFT marketplace.


3% of Every transaction is transformed into liquidity for PancakeSwap, which fixes the low liquidity issues of DEXs thru the liquidity Pool mechanism.

A liquidity pool usually carries a couple of tokens, which you may trade.

The Smart settlement deposits 3% of each buy/promote transaction as $OASIS and $BNB right into a liquidity pool.3% of all trades will be converted to liquidity on PancakeSwap, which is a liquidity pool mechanism that eliminates the low liquidity problem of DEX, the liquidity pool contains two tokens that can always be traded, and the smart contract deposits 3% of every buy/sell transaction of $OASIS and $BNB into the liquidity pool.

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