AMG token, what is it for?

AMG token, what is it for? Discover an easy, smart and innovative method to invest in virtual assets.

AMG and AMGEN project

AMG is a direct virtual world fund that uses blockchain to bring together investors from all over the

The AMG project aims to allow individuals to invest in virtual world , regardless of the amount invested.

The democratization and expansion of the AMG cryptocurrency contribute to the company’s growth, the assets it owns and thus the funds reinjected into the ecosystem.

This ecosystem will provide for you a virtual world to live in. Where you’ll be able to purchase real estate, cars, wearable’s, ect…

Basically you will be able to purchase assets in the virtual ecosystem with the AMG token.

Thus, owning AMG tokens allows you to own a token linked to a company that puts all of its profits back into the token without providing any equity or maintenance on the property. Therefore, AMG is a simple, modern and intuitive way to invest in virtual assets.

AMG, here are its features:

AMG is a utility token based on the BEP20 that will allow everyone to participate in virtual world, regardless of the amount invested.

You determine and vote on how your assets grow. You will be able to purchase a huge variety of assets like Real Estate properties, cars, wearable’s, consumables and more exciting things from the marketplace that we will launch.

It’s a huge opportunity for everyone to take the next step into Blockchain Virtual World.

What advantages does AMGEN offer over its competitors?

Whereas other cryptocurrency projects offer tokenization of individual assets (i.e. the purchase of a share of a specific virtual asset), AMG allows investors to participate in the fund while avoiding the risk of assets costs.

As a result, when compared to a single property investment, the risk is significantly reduced.

This will allow for a wide range of property types to be distributed across the country. The investment horizons range from the medium to the long term, taking into account the funded income that provides value to the AMG token, as well as the attractiveness of the project that provides speculative value to the rise. AMG will give you access to a whole new virtual world where you’ll be able to purchase assets, hangout with friends, and make a living.

When crypto news is linked to real estate projects, we are happy to share it with you, here is a good example.

AMG projects:

In the first phase of the project, AMG, a UAE-based company, will purchase properties to offer them
rent. In addition to renting out properties, there are many future prospects and diversifications for
AMG, which are developed in the chapter « Future prospects » on the last page of the white paper.
A sector known to the project team and where there are sufficient opportunities for the first phase of
this project.

The capital profits made on the rental income are used to make a single monthly purchase order at
the market price of this token via the exchange PancakeSwap. These purchased tokens are then
sent to an address that burns the tokens, removing them from circulation forever. This creates constant buying pressure without following up on selling pressure from these tokens as they are immediately burned.

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