BRN token in the metaverse, what is its use?

BRN token in the metaverse, what is its use? Golden Key of the Metaverse, discover its features.

BRN token

BRN Token, process of which started in the last quarter of 2021 and generated on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, is a reliable token project supported with Metaverse, GameNFT and Web 3.0.

BRN Tokens in the Metaverse:

The game that is created on the basis of this ecosystem builds a unique and indestructible bridge between the real world and the BRN token universe for the investors.

The BRN Token in GameNFT:

Get unique NFTs that will be created by players and the game team and can be traded at auctions and can also be used as in-game items (war accessories and avatar outfits, etc.). This process will also allow for avatars to progress and improve.

BRN token in WEB 3.0:

Players in the online stores, existing on the Marketplace in the game, will examine how the items they buy look in battles or on avatars, how they are used, every detail from color to shape in 3D using 3D catalogs.
With the extension of Web 3.0, This token aims to incorporate GameNFT games and users can access any game they want via this platform with a single click.

BRN token, a few words from the team:

We think our token will build and improve many projects. Indeed, it aims to innovate, predict, secure with a distinctive vision to the Metaverse, whose foundations have been built recently.

This token was created with the motto “The Golden Key of the Metaverse”, is launched with the vision of creating a strong inter-universal link between the real world and an artificial world for its investors.

Good to know:

Did you know that there will be public auctions of NFT from the official game website?

These NFTs can also be used as in-game items to advance and improve the avatar.


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