MoveX, web 3.0 fitness Mobile App

MoveX, web 3.0 fitness Mobile App. Discover its characteristics as well as the direct access to the application’s website.


MoveX is a web3 fitness and lifestyle mobile app with SocialFi & Gamefi elements where you can generate passive income just by movement like Walking, Running, Cycling, Riding and Driving!

MoveX, its features:

MoveX sets out a clear vision towards people to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle.

Users can earn money in a healthy way. To achieve the mission MoveX brings the n. elements of GameFi and socialFi through the Mobile App which interacts with Web3 application MoveX provides opportunity to enter Move to earn & Drive to Earn galaxy with low cost entry.

By having just one NFT anyone can start generating passive income by movement like Walking, Running, Cycling, Riding and Driving!! This project aims to make history a product!


Studies show that running each day at a moderate pace may help reduce your risk of death from heart attacks, strokes, and other common diseases. By having MoveX Sneakers NFT you will be able to earn Tokens for Walking & Running while maintaining your fitness and lifestyle.


Cycling has certainly experienced a boom in popularity over the last year or so. If you start cycling every day — or on most days — you’ll notice a number of changes to your body and your mind. With MoveX Bicycle NFT’s you would be able to maintain your fitness and Earn along passive income.


Whether you’re seasonal rider or an occasional one, now you can earn while you ride. The best benefits for food delivery people who can have passive income while doing their job. Everyday bikers can get the benefits too by joining in. To earn while riding users will need to own Bike NFT.


Drive to Earn is the new concept which we would like to focus on. Almost everybody drives on daily basis and this app will provide an opportunity to everyday drivers to earn real money while driving. And specially people who drive Taxis, like Uber, lyft, Grab can also earn extra income while at their jobs.

Governance Token

MoveX is developed as the governance token of the MoveX Metaverse.
Total supply: 5,000,000 , 000 Contract address: MoveX 0x1bD8F7db38E3657b072c8F214CB83fbD7b99D46c
There will 0% tax on buy and 0% tax on sell.

Direct access to the official website

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