Vegasino, the casino that accepts cryptocurrencies

Vegasino, the casino that accepts cryptocurrencies. Here is the ambitious casino developed on the Binance Smart Chain.


Vegasino, the latest and most ambitious casino on the Binance Smart Chain. With thousands of demonstrably fair games available to play, the platform accepts a variety of crypto-currencies and chips from multiple chains. If you’re itching to play, we have the means to get you up and running in seconds.

The future is certainly bright with Vegasino, with a planned expansion to the metaverse being just one of many developments planned for the project’s roadmap.

This project will mark both the GameFi news and the Web3.

This project comes from the all-star team who brought you Nevada Casino. With multiple successful projects in their pockets, the Vegasino team has the experience, tools and links necessary to get the project trending on platforms that matter in the crypto space: Dextools, CoinMarketCap and Poocoin, among others.

Vegasino: Mission Statement

The crypto-gaming industry is still in its infancy. With the launch of a first casino, several aspects were identified that could be improved to facilitate seamless interactions with the blockchain. Players also had multiple suggestions.

As this new project progressed, it was planned to incorporate this feedback and what has been done is what will characterize this new platform. This includes the ability to use multiple crypto-currencies to play.

At launch, several currencies will be available to play at the casino.

In the future, popular crypto-currencies will be added to the platform on a regular basis to make it easier for new players to get on board and make the whole process more convenient for them.

This casino is provided by The OWL team only works with prestigious gaming providers such as Evolution, MicroGaming and Pragmatic Play etc.

This guarantees the fairness of the games provided. The reports can be found on the provider’s website.

These are games that offer a good compromise between centralized and decentralized games, it allows access to a mix of both systems.

The casino boasts thousands of games including favorites such as Table Games, Poker, and Slots to mention a few. You can also access sports betting. The casino can be accessed on both mobile and desktop. To better protect the players the casino also offers a self-exclusion option, whereby a player can set limits on their expenditures.

Being on the blockchain, players can expect deposits to be processed at super fast speeds. The withdrawal process is just as fast: you won’t have to wait days to see your profits in your wallet unless the system suspects money laundering or other criminal transactions.

20% Buyback Casino Profit

Every month, the platform reserves 20% of the casino profits for buyback of its native token. This ensures a constantly rising floor for the $VGS token and gives holders the assurance that Vegasino is a long-term project and a sound investment opportunity.


Vegasino is one of the few projects on the Binance Smart Chain to offer an NFT utility. Aside from owning a cool piece of gambling history, NFT owners can expect to earn a generous 100% APR of the token for staking their NFT. Token holders can also stake their tokens to get 33% APY. The NFTs will be available on the Binance Smart Chain in the standard ERC721 format.

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