Moontography project (MTGY),what is it?

Moontography project (MTGY),what is it? Discover our tools, services and decentralized products as well as our official website and social networks.

Moontography project aims to provide a suite of decentralized tools, services, and products that blockchain enthusiasts and the cryptocurrency community finds real-world, meaningful value in.

How did it all start and what are our goals?

Moontography was born out of a keen interest turned passion in blockchain technology. There are a vast number of current and growing real-world use cases available given the bounds and constraints that blockchain has. Immutability, anonymity, privacy, decentralization, and DeFi are some of the core ideas and concepts that make it so fascinating and being able to build useful tools utilizing blockchain is the core tenant of what mootography aims to provide for the community.

A lot of crypto projects are respectfully trying to solve massive problems with the current state of a given industry, space, and/or product. There are thousands of smaller problems that people face daily whether it be validation of data integrity, storing source code, providing a painless way to report one’s taxes, and so many more than don’t take billions of dollars and thousands of employees to solve. We want to take a stab at solving some of these problems in a productive and relatively simple way. Our goal is to provide real, meaningful value to the decentralized world.


Moontography project, here are some examples of what we do:

DTAX, a decentralized tax reporting service

There are a number of solutions in the market today that help you aggregate your crypto footprint for the previous year to provide you with a report to provide your CPA or tax service to use to report your taxes. Most/all of these require you to sign up with your personal information, thereby effecitvely doxing yourself and all your wallets to a single, centralized entity in order to use their service. We’re building a web3 compliant, decentralized app to support taking your wallets and providing you with the same information but in a private, anonymous way all powered by $MTGY.

Decentralized Password Manager

Securing your digital data online has become a massive undertaking. Businesses like Lastpass and others have created thriving businesses to attempt to support ease of managing accounts, passwords, and secrets online securely. Lastpass and the others though are centralized companies that can and have been breached before. We decided to create a completely decentralized version of password management to store your online account info on the blockchain that no single entity controls, but is encrypted using military grade, industry standard AES 256 bit encryption to ensure those who shouldn’t see your info, can’t.

Trusted Timestamping

A concept that’s been around for decades, the idea of authenticating and validating an artifact or piece of data, particularly a photo or video and when it took place has been used by lawyers in court and elsewhere for a long time. Since blockchain transactions are immutable, it makes it a perfect use case to implement timestamp proofing by storing a piece of data (or its digital signature like a SHA256 hash) in the chain which can definitively confirm it existed (and therefore happened) at a particular time.

Moontography project, our token:

$MTGY serves as the core utility of the moontography project and what is utilized to interact with and use the products & services we create.

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