Monverse, earn while you hund and collect monsters

Monverse, earn while you hund and collect monsters on the multi-chain. Practical information and direct access to the platform.


Monverse is a multi-chain RPG and strategy system game, initially planned and created on BSC. The game, enlivened by the beasts, champions and bowmen, rotates around gathering and overcoming mythical creatures that have scattered the whole way across the blockchain.

The game is, both player-versus-player PVP, and Player-versus-the-environment PVE.

In both interactive experiences, the monverse game is created on a layered prize design that causes it to characterize itself as a Play-to-Earn gaming project. The monstrous game is designed specifically to add value to the blockchain gaming category of online games.

The gaming industry, as a whole, is advancing steadily. However, despite the current bear crunch in the market, the blockchain games has proved to be a safe haven for the investors and players; where they can securely store their gaming assets and retrieve as per their convenience.

Notwithstanding the boundaries and added trouble that building multichain addresses, it is basic to the future progress of DeFi items. There can be no confined items on Web 3.0 as they don’t exist in a vacuum yet a decentralized economy of the new age. Projects need a vigorous and associated framework to advance themselves successfully in this economy and get new crowds energized. Yet, how would we arrive?

The goal has been to give designers simple and reasonable access to nodes, APIs, and support for an ever-expanding number of blockchains. With additional building resources, DeFi designers can remove barriers to blockchain passage and start adding to the new ages of blockchain and finance. The quicker we break these hindrances, the smoother our following stages to better client experience and mass reception will be.

This project is going to be the talk of the GameFi news, here’s why.

Monverse game, the story:

The year is 3806 A.D. and a strange virus has evolved . And everything has changed since then! The contagious virus, now named as Monteva-Virus, is suspected to contaminate your electronic devices and encrypt its software, thus making permanent changes to the underlying code. The absorption of this virus on a device leads to partial submission of the controller, meaning that the device will no longer read the controller’s instructions clearly and fully.

Unlike the past viruses, the Monteva-Virus can be seen in the form of mini monsters on your device’s code. The national software management has decided to fight back this malware through designing a specialized task force that parols your softwares to catch and kill these monstrous viruses.

The mission to combat this virus is named as, The Universe, which specifically targets the blockchain. Different users across the blockchain are joining this task force to wipe out the Monteva!

The game structure:

Monverse gameplay is a highly engaging and intriguing playing activity, specifically assigned for a wide array of users and players across the blockchain. The gameplay on the Monverse project is divided into two types:

1. naive players: Casual GamePlay: Own-to-earn
2. expert players: Hardcore GamePlay: Play-to-earn


Monverse platform has its very own staking and farming pools getting live, right after first reveal. The staking platform at Monverse will help current and future users to earn a passive stream of income through active participation and the staking pools in Monverse range from short to long periods of locking your assets. The locking time period, in turn, helps to determine the return on your capital investment.

FIRE token:

The FIRE token is the third party token affiliated in the game. All rewards in the game are earned in FIRE. Users can then redeem FIRE to claim $Monstr The FIRE token can be earned by:

– Defeating Monsters
– Catching Monsters
– Collecting a certain type of Characters
– Guild formation
– Staking & farming


– NFT staking
– Tournament participants
– Renting NFTs

Currently only the game P2E version is live. In this game model, there are multiple stages. As the game advances in next levels, the difficulty level also advances accordingly. The P2Egameismostly strategy based. Initially, the defense/attack equipment is limited for the players. Hence, these resources should be used accordingly and strategically.

Direct access to the official website

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