REX, what are the characteristics of this blockchain?

REX, what are the characteristics of this blockchain? Goal, provide highly rewarding and flexible time-based investments and bonding financial tools.


REX is a decentralized blockchain-based cryptocurrency utilizing smart contracts to provide highly rewarding and flexible time-based investments and bonding financial tools. Specifically, REX smart contracts provide a native investment option, called “staking”: locking up tokens for a period of time to gain rewards, called “staking rewards”.

REX Smart Contracts offer a wealth of functionality unprecedented in Decentralized Finance that makes managing stakes much easier, more flexible and – for the first time – fully decentralized.

In crypto-speak, REX is a staking token, so participants buy this token and stake it over time to earn more. The extra tokens earned by stakers come from the new REX that are minted each day, so the supply of this token increases, or swells, over time. The supply of tokens increases by 12.9% per year. This inflation is created by the contract and distributed to the stakers.

REX, special feature:

When claiming REX from an auction participation as a stake, the user will be eligible for Random Personal Big Pay Days. This feature was invented by this protocol to incentivize auction participation and was a popular feature in the original REX protocol.

Every 24 hours a random generator distributes 75% of the BUSD received from auction that day back to eligible addresses. If an address gets hit, the contract tries to give that address all invested BUSD back, then the contract continues with the next eligible address, and so on, until the “Random-BUSD-pool” is empty. Remaining eligible means an address can be hit every day, again and again. There is no limit to the number of times a wallet can be hit. This is a unique feature only seen in this ecosystem.

Rex, what to remember about this ecosystem:

REX is an advanced, highly rewarding and flexible blockchain-based crypto-currency and staking ecosystem provided by a set of decentralized, unchangeable and irrevocable smart contracts. So it’s not about one organization, one institution, or one person.

In addition to providing the usual functions of crypto-currencies, the native token of this ecosystem natively provides the properties of a certificate of deposit (CD) and a bond using smart contracts. However, compared to CDs and bonds in traditional finance, REX provides additional features and extended flexibility. In crypto-speak, this token can be classified as a milestone token.

It is the world’s first staking token providing a native decentralized exchange (DEX) for STAKES. Users can use the functions built into the smart contract to offer, buy and sell STAKES, without any restrictions, intermediaries, controllers, administrators or external services.

It is also the world’s first staking token where the user – and only the user – has full control over their STAKES, even when offering them on the integrated decentralized exchange. This leads to a revolutionary risk-free counterparty environment for trading STAKES.

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