Mobix and its MBX token, The Micromobility Token

Mobix and its MBX token, The Micromobility Token. Discover this ecosystem, its usefulness, advantages and characteristics.


MOBIX uses the MOBX token to incentivize micromobility service and infrastructure providers, as well as micromobility consumers, to grow micromobility in metropolitan areas.

Mobix, its main objective:

The smart incentivization of the use of micromobility services is the main purpose of the MOBIX Micromobility Marketplace.

If urban residents are rewarded for using micromobility in a way that favours the growth of the
micromobility network at large, urban life will prosper and the environment will profit.

The aim of MOBIX is to make life for micromobility users and other residents of urban areas more social and more convenient.

In its long-term experience working with large, decentrally-structured organisations in the Humanitarian sector, such as the United Nations World Food Programme, the MOBIX team has learned that rewarding the network participants is the key element for sustainable success.

People, as well as organisations, act in the interest of the network or the community, if each of them perceives their individual benefits – mainly, but not exclusively, in economic terms. In other words: the most important factor of a decentralized network is a smart incentivization of its participants.

MOBIX Micromobility Marketplace

MOBIX is a decentralized digital marketplace for suppliers and customers of micromobility-related services, products and solutions.

Urban mobility service and infrastructure providers offer their services and resources to individual and
professional users in metropolitan areas. AI-powered Autonomous Economic Agents (AEA) acting on behalf of their individual and professional owners, enable micromobility-related service and infrastructure providers, products, and users to connect and interact directly with each other, thereby automating and optimizing key micromobility processes such as search and discovery, reservations, bookings, settlement, payment and billing, as well as marketing and promotions.

Micromobility providers and users connect their digital identities (DIDs) to the network, so they can immediately start offering and consuming the resources at their disposal.

The MOBIX blockchain offers security and trust, and enables highly efficient management processes, such as fully automated transactions.

Based on a self-ruler Identity Infrastructure (SSI) compliant with EU data sovereignty measures
described in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it provides the user with full control over their own data and creates a non-discriminatory environment conducive to collaboration, cooperation and competition.

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MOBX Reward Token

As a MOBIX user, you can earn MOBIX Miles for a bunch of different micromobility-related activities that will be converted into MOBX Reward Tokens, airdropped to your MOBIX Wallets.

Activities include – among others – the use of scooters, bikes, mopeds, cargo bikes, miniEVs. Even simple walking instead of using a car will earn you MOBIX Miles, and, consequently, MOBX tokens.

MOBX tokens power the work of Autonomous Agents, i.e. they facilitate the communication between the MOBIX Marketplace users; s.a. search & find, reserve and book micromobility services and infrastructure offerings.

Autonomous Marketing Agents will be fed with MOBX tokens in order to allow for a privacy-preserving, contextualized way of promoting goods and services. Some fraction of the marketplace fees and Autonomous Marketing Agents fees is used to buy back MOBX and burn.

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