MegaDAO, a decentralized investment platform

MegaDAO, a decentralized investment platform. Discover its features and direct access to all official information.


MegaDAO, discover a coordination and support body for the development of decentralized economies.

MegaDAO, its activity:

Here is a decentralized investment platform developed and operated based on the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) mechanism. The right to coordinate as well as the benefits of business and investment activities belong to the community of MegaDAO token holders.

Mission and Vision

MegaDAO is a thesis-driven investment company that makes investments in cryptocurrencies, tokens, and blockchain firms that are reshaping trillion-dollar markets.

This project manages a hedge fund and a venture fund, and in the future it is also planned to invest in public and private markets.

Why choose the DAO business model?

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations have the potential to represent massively diverse and profitable organizations.

This potential is a legitimate disruptor to the traditional framework of businesses and legacy enterprises.

However, existing DAOs across the spectrum, primarily due to errors in design and implementation, have predominantly failed to realize this massive potential.

From inception DAO is designed to overcome these obstacles and, in doing so, behave as the quintessential governance model for other DAOs and institutions to emulate. This cooperation is recognized as the basis of MegaDAO.

Understanding DAOs

In order to protect the decentralized, trustless nature of applications and protocols, projects that are intended to be upgradable require some hard coded governance framework. In other words, said projects must hardcode some mechanism of ownership to the participants in the project itself.

In many cases, this is most effectively done by situating the project as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

At a high level, a DAO-type project is one that is entirely owned and operated by its participants via tokenized ownership. In order to contribute as an owner of the project, individuals must acquire the
project’s token, which grants them access to voting. In a true DAO, all actions are carried out as the result of a majority approval vote.

These votes can reflect modifications or upgrades to the project’s underlying smart contracts, mechanisms for revenue sharing, changes to the voting metrics itself, and so on. When implemented
as intended, the DAO framework has radical implications.

By connecting ownership and activity as a single-interest participant body, business can be conducted at a level of efficiency not possible under the traditional framework. By automating certain aspects of the business via smart contracts, such as the management and underlying service, marginal costs for said operations reach zero.

This cannot be replicated by traditional counterparts.

To conclude:

As an inspiration from the decentralized form of cryptocurrencies, in 2016, some developers decided to develop the concept of a decentralized autonomous organization, that is commonly known as DAO.

MegaDAO is an endeavor that gives voting rights to the Bondholders and establishes the foundation for the products.

The MegaDAO is the single source of minting products at the peak of the blockchain and projecting them into the wild.

This ecosystem is regulated by the Bond tokens and empowers the protocol.

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