ShibMoon (SHIBM), what is it?

ShibMoon (SHIBM), what is it? Here is the platform helps users to Buy and Sell NFT and meme tokens transparently.


ShibMoon is a meme token in the Binance Smart Chain Platform.

SHIBM also working in NFT based Marketplaces.

Here is a Binаnсе Smаrt Chаin tоkеn оn thе current mеmе соin аnd NFT hype.

Any platform that makes it easier to buy and sell NFTs will certainly be talked about often in the NFT news.

ShibMoon, the platform for both NFT and memes:

Decentralized platform

A decentralized platform means that its users can buy and sell NFT and meme tokens securely and transparently.

Pair to Pair

It is a process that allows users to share, trade, hands to hands directly without any broker or control from anyone.

Rewards Mechanism

The system pay a bonus for users who will use ShibMoon Platform.

ShibMoon token, its advantages, its usefulness:

Mobile payment made easy

This feature allows users to use their smartphone, iphone, to easily pay friends in a few steps, for example, or sell in one click.

Free transaction for life

This feature is important because it allows you to buy and sell NFT tokens, meme tokens, without paying high or hidden fees, excluding of course the network fees of the blockchain.

Protecting the identity

The user’s identity will be completely hidden. This information will not be stored, let alone shared.

Money security and control

Users get high levels of security to keep their money and information safe.

SHIBM token, allocation


Which Network Shib-Moon Use?

ShibMoon Using Binance Smart Chain (BSC Bep20) Network.

What’s the price of per SHIBM token?

ShibMoon is a NFT & MEME based token, Price of per SHIBM token is 0.02$

How do I benefit from the SHIBM Token?

ShibMoon is a token in Binance Smart Chain. It’s a NFT & MEME based token. Our NFT and MEME platform will be release in last of 2022. which will make easy for NFT transaction. Users can buy & sell NFT in one click without any fee and MEME tokens without any external fee.

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