KONPAY, what kind of payment service is it?

KONPAY, what kind of payment service is it? Find out how this payment service differs from others as well as direct access to its official website.


Konpay, what is its main objective? KONPAY’s goal is to build a new payment service system that can improve the problems of high fees and long settlement cycles, which were structurally inevitable in the existing payment system. It is to provide a new solution for fees and settlement cycles by using blockchain smart contracts and crypto-economy to replace various intermediaries in the existing payment system.

Here is a blockchain payment service project that offers incentives and rewards to all participants, and provides a convenient payment service platform for merchants and users via the app, facilitating user interaction and liquidity of digital assets.

For information, the native token of the platform is the KON.


Blockchain Platform – Transaction processing speed and optimization – Convenient online and offline payment.

KONPAY aims to provide a blockchain-based payment solution that can be applied quickly in reality while accurately describing the structural limitations of the existing card payment service.

The payment service of the existing financial sector provides convenience and safety to people on the surface, but in the process from actual payment to settlement, many middlemen are involved in addition to buyers and sellers. In the process of participating in these third-party financial intermediaries, fees are incurred, and as a result, the cost paid by consumers increases.

The reason why high fees occur when using the payment service is that structurally, 4 to 5 intermediate participating companies in one payment process divide and process various tasks such as authentication, settlement, settlement, and payment for payment.

A project that offers increased efficiency, here’s how?

KONPAY is a fast and inexpensive end-to-end payment platform that improves the inefficiency of the existing payment system through blockchain-based smart contracts and its own coin economy ecosystem. In order to improve the inefficiency of the existing payment structure and build a platform to secure users, the following should be considered.

First, it should be possible to implement a platform with good payment processing speed and good accessibility. Although it is a low payment fee, it is inconvenient for users to use, and if there is inconvenience due to the long waiting time for each payment, the merchant has no choice but to consider introducing a new system.

Second, in order for retail stores and affiliates to accept digital assets as a payment method, it is necessary to fully consider the volatility problem of digital assets. Existing digital asset-based payment solutions have undergone a lot of trial and error, so it is necessary to present a model that can be used as a payment method by merchants and consumers and can flexibly cope with volatility.

Third, operators of various industries, including platform users, should be able to provide scalability that can freely apply promotions and policies according to the characteristics of each industry, and convenience optimized for both on/offline payments in real life. Accordingly, KONPAY intends to present a platform model that can flexibly cope with volatility through its own coin economy ecosystem and is convenient for on/offline payments.

Direct access to the official website

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