Jasan Wellness and its JW token, discover the concept

Jasan Wellness and its JW token, discover the concept. A project that puts blockchain at the service of global well-being.

Jasan Wellness is creating: the world’s first Web 3.0 wellness community powered by artificial intelligence and blockchains.

The news of decentralized finance rarely puts us in contact with projects whose objective is the health of people, but this time it is the case with the discovery of this ecosystem named “AI Personal wellness” based on the concept “eSelfcare”.

Jasan Wellness

Jason Wellness and his JW token, what problems does this ecosystem address:

It is well known that almost no one gets enough exercise throughout their day. As a result, weight gain can unfortunately lead to chronic diseases, such as: diabetes and hypertension.

The challenge is to find a solution, practical tools, to allow everyone to maintain better health.

By 2025, it is assumed that the population aged 60 or older will increase further. In addition to the currently aging industrialized countries, the rapidly growing developing countries will soon become aging societies.

Do you think their dreams of a peaceful, secure and comfortable life will be realized? What do we need to do before the aging of the world’s population becomes a reality? On the other hand, the number of qualified professionals, such as doctors and nurses, is decreasing. The waiting time for a physical examination by a doctor is getting longer, and the burden on medical experts is increasing year after year.

Taking into account this context, an ecosystem has been developed to maintain people’s health as much as possible. This is the “concept of aging well”.

JW token, distribution:

JW token

Proposed solutions:

Secure Wallet

JW is received, stored, and sent using Decentralized Wallet which is under your control.


Wearables keeps individuals engaged and monitor aspects of health like activity level heart rate and sleep quality.

Analysis Wellness Planning

Each user has unique needs, proper health and wellness planning as per requirement of the body.

Personal Coach

Better understanding with personalized approach for individuals.

Gaming and Learning

Play and learn about Nutrition and wellness all age groups.


Earn rewards in JW token for all users at different levels.

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