How to optimize investments in DeFi?

How to optimize investments in DeFi? Is it possible to optimize the returns of one’s cryptos in an automated way?

optimize investments in DeFi, Genie Protocol

How to optimize investments in DeFi? Because yes, it is possible, that’s exactly what a DAO can do, and it was designed to allow the purchase of multiple ERC 20 tokens in a single transaction, thus saving a lot of money.

Reducing costs and diversifying is now easily possible.

The goal is to meet the needs of cryptocurrency investors. Let’s start by defining the needs, the demands and see how to meet them?

How to optimize investments in DeFi? How does it work?

You usually have three specific requests:

1. Get accurate analysis by experts so that you can spot the best cryptos, know when and how to buy them

DAO members will be able to analyze, choose and vote on the best tokens to include in different funds.

2. Be able to easily invest on the Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains.

Our protocol allows you to easily diversify among several index funds created by Dao.

3. Earn the protocol fees.

The fees generated by the Genie Protocol will be used in a token buyback mechanism, some will be redistributed to the community of hodlers who stake their project tokens and a last portion will be burned (subject to DAO approval) according to deflationary models.

” The logic of the investment funds and ETFs, and all the firepower of the classic financial instruments in a totally decentralized worldChoose, buy and sell the best tokens on the market with only one click”

optimize investments in DeFi. Genie Protocol

Genie protocol for investors

Genie Protocol was born as a DAO – Genie DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) to manage different functions that will allow the purchase of several erc 20 tokens in a single transaction thus saving considerable gas costs.

The GNP token, will have two precise functions: 1) it will serve as the governance token for the Genie DAO; 2) as a token for the use of the different functions of the protocol that the Genie DAO will be able to vote and decide to implement in a totally decentralized and independent way. In the Genie DAO, the GNP token will give the token holders the opportunity to vote to decide on the the evolution of the protocol.

Among the different possible features that the DAO may decide to implement there will be, as an example:

– the possibility of staking their own tokens,
– the possibility to create sub-protocols managed by A.I. and/or users and/or market replication (so-called index),
– the possibility of deciding which tokens can be purchased via the protocol and which not.

Buy and sell dozens of tokens that you like at once and earn money from the fees that the Genie Protocol generates, quickly and easily.

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