GULFCOIN “GULF”, what is it?

GULFCOIN “GULF”, what is it? Discover a global electronic currency, the characteristics of which are revealed below.


GULFCOIN “GULF” is a global electronic currency developed by the best developers and programmers from the Arab world and other regions, including the Far East and Europe. GULF has found its place in the digital world and the team is determined to place it among the best crypto-currencies in the industry. With its numerous projects, unique burning strategy, high professionalism and advanced tools, it will provide digital payment solutions to make our community members’ lives easier in the digital revolution.

GULFCOIN, mission and vision:

Mission: Empowering the community to join the Blockchain revolution and adopt digital services and facilities

Vision: Financial inclusion for the masses to make Decentralized financial services accessible to everyday users.

Gulfcoin is a digital crypto-currency that allows anyone, anywhere, to send and receive payments without relying on banks. The goal is to provide financial and electronic payment solutions to the public by offering a digital revolution at their service.

Built-in Auto Burning:

The GULF solidity smart contract includes an auto-burn feature based on the size of any transaction that occurs on the blockchain. This feature is equipped with an ON/OFF button so that the contract owner can turn this feature on and off based on marketing campaigns or given circumstances. The automatic burn is designed in this way to quickly and effortlessly adapt to any given condition in which the burn becomes a necessity for a limited period of time.

Cryptocurrency burning is when users can remove their coins from circulation, which reduces the number of coins in use. The coins are sent to a wallet address that cannot be used for transactions other than receiving the coins. The wallet is outside the network, and the coins can no longer be used. We decided to be the first to implement the One-to-One Burning Strategy. The first fully transparent coin-burning strategy in the Arab world and the Middle East with a process that will be directly traceable by investors with full transparency. This strategy is to be applied during the period of pre-sale and will positively affect the holders of the coin.

Gulfcash project:

This project is the core project of GULFCoin, which is currently under final development to see the light very soon. GULFCASH is centered around creating and providing an electronic payment gateway that depend on GULF. Moreover, thousands of eCommerce stores worldwide in a very developed, fast, and secure way will help spread GULFCOIN.

Here is a payment gateway, crypto to crypto, and cash to crypto to cash, but in the broader processing, which will use the currency of GULFCoin to do this payment processing. It is a payment gateway used for commercial websites, trading websites, and gateway.

GULFCASH is designed to solve major problems and overcome challenges users encounter when using the traditional financial systems and enter the age of decentralized finance with ease of payment for every user. It will be secure, fast, friendly user portal, easy integration and customizable to meet the needed features of all users.

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