Genius assets marketplace, what’s its purpose?

Genius assets marketplace, what’s its purpose? Discover the characteristics of this project including its token.


Genius, let’s take a look at the state of play in blockchain and its application in real estate. For starters, according to Forbes, real estate has created more billionaires today than any other asset class. That’s why blockchain-based technology can’t be anything but an important step to adapt to the current context.

Real estate tokenization is an emerging trend representing the convergence of real estate investing and blockchain technology.

It helps asset or fund owners raise capital more efficiently, and gives investors unprecedented access to private real estate investments, transparency and liquidity.

The goal of this ecosystem is clear:

to offer a technology solution that will provide everyone with an ecosystem for making real-world assets accessible via blockchain.

The principles of decentralized finance are increasingly being applied to real estate, as demonstrated by this project.

Genius, why is tokenization a good solution also in the real estate world?

The answer is simple, just look at the number of problems that this solution solves, here are some of them:

Without forgetting also: access to secondary market.

When establishing the legal entity for the token, the agreements involved must automatically allow the blockchain technology to implement and enforce equity transactions related to the token.

These “smart contracts” are designed to make the different processes involved with the token, such as reward distributions or sales to other investors, seamless and essential to a token’s proper setup.


Real estate tokenization is a promising application of blockchain technology that will increase the investor base by increasing liquidity in the market, because it allows for more small-scale investor participation.

This value proposition is particularly needed in real estate as the market for real estate is more valuable than any other asset class in the world, yet it remains highly illiquid.

Tokens are the next phase in the development of blockchain technologies, allowing investors to move from highly speculative cryptocurrencies without collateral to asset-backed tokens. As the amount of functioning secondary markets for real estate tokens grows, the adoption of this investment platform will continue to grow as well, which will help the real estate market continue to thrive.

Tokenization removes the middle man, making it easier and cheaper for investors to buy/sell real estate and for owners/developers to raise capital.

Investors can trade tokens almost instantly and for a very low fee (similar to stock market trades). For owners, tokenization makes it possible to raise capital without financial intermediaries to underwrite the project.


Once you acquire the GeniuX token, you can invest it in multiple exciting assets, including real estate, sports, art, air traffic, and highways. As these industries improve, you’ll start to make a profit from your investment. Additionally, Genius Assets makes it possible to invest in Fractional Ownership Projects, ICOs, and NFTs.

GeniuX, IUX, the world’s first ever token of its kind designed to enable payments across multiple assets.

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