FitR Metaverse Token (FMT), basic information

FitR Metaverse Token (FMT), basic information. Discover the characteristics of this ecosystem as well as direct access to its official website.


FitR /Fit-er/ is a Web3 fitness metaverse app with rich Gamification and unique Decentralized Socialization features.

FitR, its main characteristics:

Powered by strong AI technology, FitR provides a full range of indoor and outdoor exercises. FitR allows users to find their favorite exercises or discover challenging new exercises. The gamified design makes exercising fun. Users can perform cooperative challenges with friends and family in FitR or battle each other to make exercising competitive.

Exercising with family and friends enhances relationships and improves everyone’s physical fitness. FitR also provides players the opportunity to make new workout friends from across their community and the world.

According to our plan, the first exercises are jumping exercises (jump rope, jumping jacks, etc.). Players can select their favorite jumping exercise and be rewarded with game tokens for completing the exercise; tokens can be used in FitR or sold in the crypto exchange.

And here is a piece of information that will please those who follow the NFT news, this ecosystem uses them and they are even fundamental, here is why?

FitR, in summary, here are its 3 main activities:

Exercise Pal (XPal)

Exercise Pal (XPal) is the core NFT of FitR, they are the player’s avatars in the FitR metaverse! Players using XPals will be able to participate in all exercises and earn tokens!

Equipment NFTs are add-ons to XPals to increase earnings and energy when exercising. Players can add an Equipment NFT to use in the corresponding exercise (Jump Rope NFT can be used for jumping rope) to gain additional stats and therefore earn additional tokens.

Equipment NFTs have different rules and uses from XPal NFTs. For each exercise, there will be a corresponding Equipment NFT. Players can choose to use an Equipment NFT each time they exercise, or exercise without an Equipment NFT.

Keeping an XPal in your FItR Account is your ticket to earning rewards while exercising in FItR. XPals allow you to earn while Jumping Rope and during all future exercises in FitR, e.g boxing, yoga etc. XPals possess different attributes including Efficiency, Luck, Resilience and Speed.

There are XPals different attributes:


Starting with the movement score from each exercise session, the XPal’s Efficiency value is a multiplier in determining the total rewards. High Efficiency is the most direct factor for increasing rewards.


Resilience affects the decay rate of the Durability of the XPal. Higher Resilience will result in a slower Durability decay; requiring less FXT to renew the XPal.


There will be Treasure Chests randomly dropped to users when exercising. There are FXT, FMT, or NFTs (only FXT in current version) in the Treasure Chests. Luck determines the frequency and quality of a Treasure Chest drop.


Speed affects the frequency of getting bonus points when performing every move. The higher the Speed of the XPal, the more bonus points the player will earn during the workout session.

Direct access to the official website

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