Dexfolio. optimized portfolio tracker, discover its features

Dexfolio. optimized portfolio tracker, discover its features. Discover our key features that fundamentally distinguish us from other portfolio trackers.

Dexfolio, here are the essential reasons that distinguish us from our competitors.


Dexfolio, what makes us different:

Not made for DEXes

Most portfolio platforms were developed over four years ago and made to be compatible with centralized exchanges. Times change and now we need a way to track our DEX trades — like Uniswap and Pancake Swap.

Even the platforms that have gotten around to implementing Network Address tracking, have two limitations:

Riddled with bugs due to the outdated foundational code that’s used to track CEXes.
They may be able to successfully sync Ethereum transactions, but they’re too backlogged with other road-map items to support up-and-coming networks like Binance Smart Chain.

Our solution: Dexfolio is built from the ground up to track DEXes. That means Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain tracking at launch. In addition, we will be able to add compatibility with trending blockchain networks much faster since our app is built for it.

Tedious alert system

Other portfolio apps are built around price target alerts, which has two critical problems:

You need to set alerts one by one. When you’re buying new coins daily, it’s extra homework to set a price target for each new coin. And guess what you need to do when the coin breaks past that price alert. Yup… set another one.
Unless you’re doing advanced technical analysis, you don’t really know or care about target price. What you care about is percentage change from your entry price. If you want to create an investment strategy and stick to it, you’re most likely taking profits when the token multiplies by whatever number you decided.

Our solution: Dexfolio’s alert system is built around percentage targets from your entry price or over time. This means you can set percentage targets for all your tokens at once — such as +50% from entry price— and Dexfolio will notify you when a target is hit. For more fine-tuned control, you’re able to adjust alerts for each coin.

Not mobile friendly

There are a few platforms that can track DEX trades, however they were designed to be used on a desktop. This is especially frustrating when you’re relaxing on the toilet and of course suddenly need to check your portfolio. Or when you wake up at 4am and can’t fall back asleep until you check how much you’ve made since you went to bed 20 minutes ago.

Our solution: Dexfolio is — and will always be mobile-first with a dedicated iphone and android app on day 1. Not much else to say.

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