ChainSwaps for inter-chain exchanges between blockchains

ChainSwaps for inter-chain exchanges between blockchains. Discover the main features of the project and its official website.


ChainSwaps enables unrestricted and secure crypto-currency exchanges on all major networks.

This ecosystem offers what everyone has wanted for a long time but was not yet possible:

easy and and intuitive from one large blockchain to another.

ChainSwaps will connect and link major ecosystems like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, Solana, or Cosmos to allow users to navigate this rapidly expanding multi-chain space.

This protocol eliminates any type of user barrier or heavy compromise so that no prior knowledge of crypto are needed to exchange your tokens in a few clicks.

Enabling Frictionless Value Transfer Across Ecosystems

No need to:

  • specialized software
  • custom wallet
  • pre-deposit
  • collateral
  • wrapped/synthetic counterparty asset

CHAIN token:

ChainSwaps’s protocol token is $CHAIN and will be initially released on the BNB Smartchain.

Aside from its usage as collateral for Validators bidding for spots in auctions, every exchange facilitated by the protocol will result in the direct purchase and burning of a small quantity of $CHAIN tokens via ChainSwaps’ CHAIN: USDC pool. This increases the protocol’s security, which in turn increases the volume that it can support.

Is it necessary to have CHAIN tokens to use ChainSwaps?

No, users simply need the token they want to exchange. Users’ $CHAIN fees are automatically processed.

ChainSwaps, here are some more important details:

Chain Swaps unleashes what everybody wants: Native cross-chain swaps. Forget about wrapped tokens or synthetic counterparty assets, you will always receive native assets on their native blockchain. This simplifies cross-chain swaps to a single transaction and gives users access to liquidity across the whole market rather than fragmented pools created by competing wrapped token projects.

No Special Software Required

ChainSwaps is as easy to use as Pancakeswap. Users won’t need to back up a key file, download a new browser wallet or install some special software. Just send your tokens and provide a compatible address.

Built for Efficiency and Scalability

The ChainSwaps protocol is developed with a Proof-of-Authority consensus mechanism on the BNB Smart Chain. Built for efficiency and scalability, in order to deliver speedy transactions and handle assets across multiple chains.

A bridge to every ecosystem

Over time, ChainSwaps will provide liquidity between all major blockchain ecosystems – Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance and Solana are just the beginning. It will be a general solution to cross-chain liquidity and can be extended to virtually any network.

Direct access to the official website

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