Bonsai DAO – introduction to its ecosystem

Bonsai DAO

Bonsai DAO – introduction to its ecosystem. Here are its characteristics, objectives and direct access to its website.

Bonsai DAO, a pioneering MetaDAO, propels DeFi innovation with a network of subDAOs, each adding unique value.

This ecosystem fosters growth and rewards stakeholders, setting new benchmarks in decentralized finance.

Bonsai DAO – introduction:

Bonsai DAO represents a pioneering effort in the DeFi space, establishing a metaDAO ecosystem known for its scalability, flexibility, and adaptability. Its launch signifies a strategic evolution aimed at deepening stakeholder engagement and driving growth.

Unlike traditional DAO models, Bonsai DAO harnesses the power of SubDAOs to offer a diverse range of financial products and services, fostering a broader, more inclusive approach to asset management and growth strategies.

Central to this strategy are strategic Airdrops from SubDAOs to $Bonsai holders, incentivizing participation and investment within the ecosystem. The interconnectedness of these SubDAOs enhances the value of each one and the metaDAO as a whole, with airdrops serving as tangible rewards for stakeholders’ loyalty and support.

Purpose and Vision

The core objective of Bonsai DAO is to cultivate a resilient ecosystem where decentralized products (referred to as “Leaves”) can flourish, promoting long-term sustainability and operational efficiency. By adopting a framework that facilitates the initiation and advancement of subDAOs, this project positions itself as a leader in innovation, transforming into a mature and resilient DeFi ecosystem capable of thriving in diverse market conditions.


Autonomous entities within Bonsai DAO, each with distinct governance and tokenomics.

SubDAOs commit to airdropping a significant portion of their tokens to $Bonsai holders, ensuring that the success of new initiatives directly benefits the entire ecosystem. This model promotes a continuous value return, rewarding stakeholders and reinforcing the ecosystem’s collective success.

Chain Expansion and Early Builders Programs

This ecosystem will take advantage of the growing L1/L2 landscape, collaborating with top-tier chains to introduce subDAOs in new ecosystems. This strategy not only provides financial support to subDAOs but also integrates L2’s vibrant communities, expanding the Bonsai family.

Direct access to the official website

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