Candle AI – $CNDL, its ecosystem

Candle AI – $CNDL, its ecosystem. Find out more about this protocol, its token and direct access to the official website.

Candle AI – $CNDL, what are we talking about?

CANDLE offers a functional, modern and automated approach to on-chain trading. This ecosystem gives you access to millions of data points that work for you in a matter of seconds.

If you are interested in decentralized trading, then this ecosystem should be of interest to you.

Candle AI – $CNDL, introduction:

Analytics integrated with live channel data provide the building blocks for sophisticated trading algorithms. Automated systems gather and analyse comprehensive data to quickly and accurately identify lucrative trading opportunities.

These algorithms implement trading strategies that exploit market developments before they manifest themselves in conventional trading tools or charts. With optimal profit and loss (PnL) management and portfolio monitoring, $CNDL is your essential tool for profitable trading.

Candle ($CNDL) is a decentralized trading platform utilizing blockchain technology, data-driven decision systems enhanced with AI, and mathematical algorithms to offer users automated trading solutions. Users assume the trade risk while the platform handles the execution. Central to this approach is optimization, with the trading algorithm continuously evolving and adjusting to market conditions.

The dApp serves as the user interface for the trading platform, enabling users to interact with the algorithm, set trading parameters, and access real-time analytics.

Candle Trading Algorithm

The Candle Trading Algorithm is a sophisticated system designed to process vast amounts of data and make complex trading decisions in real time. While the specific details of the algorithm are proprietary, we aim to be transparent about our goals and vision for the project.

From a technical standpoint, the algorithm is deployed across multiple clustered backends to handle millions of network requests daily and to scale efficiently based on demand. This deployment strategy ensures that the algorithm is adaptable, modular, and scalable to meet varying levels of computational needs.

The Candle Trading Algorithm is not a traditional algorithm but rather a comprehensive system composed of various algorithms working together. It incorporates AI-enhanced components and decision tree-like structures to process inputs and generate calculated outputs. These algorithms analyze diverse types of data and factors, adapting to changing market conditions to make informed trading decisions.

The algorithm’s performance metrics are maintained at a theoretical level or accessible through limited scripts that interact with backend deployments. The dApp serves as the interface for users to engage with the algorithm, set parameters, and view real-time trading analytics. This user-friendly interface facilitates interaction with the complex trading system, allowing users to benefit from its advanced capabilities while maintaining a focus on usability and accessibility.


The $CNDL token acts as your key to access all the trading platform and the wider ecosystem has to offer. Tier access to the platform ensures a zero-fee experience, in other words allowing you to use the automated trading systems for no other costs than gas and trading fees.


The $CNDL token underpins the trading ecosystem with a total supply of 100 million tokens, of which 90 million are put into immediate circulation.

90% of the supply is sent out to circulation, while 8% of the supply is reserved for CEX liquidity and the remaining 2% for staking rewards.

Liquidity Pool Staking and Revenue Share, and more. Earn both $CNDL and ETH with a fee-free airdrop system and on-chain staking. Access to exclusive events.

Direct access to the official website

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