BIB META, your doorway to the future of metaverse

BiB Meta, your Doorway to the Future of Metaverse. Discover the basic information about this ecosystem and its official website.


BIB META, the doors to the future are open.

In order to understand this ecosystem, it is necessary to realize what WEB 3 and the metaverse are.

What is Web 3?

Web3 is comprehensively defined as “a web that transforms the Internet itself into a pantheon of databases.

Understanding from a technical perspective, by all accounts “Web 1.0 is read-only, Web 2.0 is read-write and Web3 represents read-write with information”. Whereas, when it is deemed from the perspective of the cryptocurrency market, Web3 acts as an ecosystem that comprises a series of projects such as DeFi, NFT, GameFi, etc. More precisely, users are able to set foot in Web3 by participating in these projects and seizing revenue opportunities from it.

The problem:

Web3’s Lack of Traffic and Funding Portals

Currently, the preponderance of decentralized ecological projects lack direct access to traffic and funding. For instance, DeFi, NFT, GameFi and so forth are all prone to be independent islands in the ecosystem now. When users engage in a particular dimension, they have to access through centralized trading platforms since deposit and withdrawal of assets are essential apropos of trade. This leads to a lengthy and cumbersome process that jeopardizes the user experience.

Security Issues

Web3, the decentralized ecological project, is not perfect without flaws. Aside from technical design limitations (e.g. smart contract vulnerabilities), the risks of facing cyber attacks ought not to be neglected. In addition, not all nodes involved in decentralized asset transactions possess a high level of security as there is possibility that the “short board effect” would imperil the safety of assets.

Current Market Gap Between Web3 Projects and Exchanges

There are currently ample Web3 projects in the market that target discreetly at community nodes, NFT, and GameFi. Meanwhile, the centralized exchanges that issue platform coins are plentiful to boot. When it comes to the combination of Web3 and centralized exchange, however, there is none at the moment which represents a gap between the two markets.

BiB Meta: The Solutions

In response to the market problems mentioned above, here is the BIB Meta Web3 project. With NFT as the core and the BIB token as the main pillar, it is offered to users an anchor to start their Web3 journey. The project encompasses NFT, DeFi, GameFi, etc. and will address the above market issues from five angles.

  1. Combination of Web3 and Exchange to Solve the Problems of Traffic and Capital
  2. Code Audit and a Dedicated Team to Protect Asset Security
  3. Web3’s Natural Advantage in User Privacy Protection
  4. Convergence of NFT, DeFi and GameFi to Address Ecological Construction
  5. Combination of Web3 and Centralized Trading Platform to Fill the Current Market Gap


BIB builds the BIB Meta Web3 ecosystem based on its own technological advantages in line with principles of openness and fairness. It is designed to provide users with an astonishing ecological experience with DeFi, NFT, GameFi and so on. In order to achieve its goal, integration of NFT sale, trading, fusion, match prediction, card collection, community nodes, and virtual sports games are carried out to broaden the block chain world. With aspiration, BIB works dedicatedly to be a terminus a quo for users to set sail their voyage in Web3.

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