El Dorado Exchange, social trading exchange

El Dorado Exchange, social trading exchange. Here is the basic information about this system and the direct access to its website.

El Dorado Exchange

El Dorado Exchange(EDE) is a decentralized spot and perpetual social trading exchange which prioritizes user security and stable investor returns. In EDE, all the interactions will happen on-chain.

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El Dorado Exchange(EDE), basic information:

Here is the onchain City of Gold, El Dorado, for you to trade better with the community knowledge.

Trading is supported by 3 unique multi-asset pools that earn liquidity providers fees from market making, swap fees and leverage trading.

Dynamic pricing is supported by Chainlink Oracles and an aggregate of prices from leading volume exchanges.

6 characteristics to remember:

Social Trading

Why work alone when you have other Web 3.0 denizens who can do the hard work for you? Participate in our social trading mechanism and let professionals do the work for you!


Comprehensively tested by our internal team, we ensure user security is prioritized. Audits will be undertaken to ensure all users are protected whilst using Eldorado.

Liquidity Providing Done Right

We include a comprehensive list of assets, segregated into different ELP liquidity pools that suit the liquidity providers risk tolerance level.

Low Fees

What good is making gold when you have to pay the price of gold just to use applications. Enjoy low fees & slippage on El Dorado.


Opening or closing trades at the right time is pivotal and slow transaction speeds should never impact on our users. We priortize tranction speed to ensure safety of our users positions.

Stable Rewards

Tired of being rewarded with volatile assets? So are we. Enjoy the benefits of being rewarded with eUSD, our revenue based algorithmic stablecoin.

$EDE Token

Here is the platform’s utility token, and $gEDE is the governance token.

If you stake $EDE, you will get the governance token – $gEDE, as well as the $EUSD and $EDE rewards.


Users can stake their $EDE for 7-day to 4 years for $EUSD and $EDE rewards, and the longer the stake time length, the more rewards there will be.

By staking the $EDE token, users will receive the $gEDE token.

$gEDE is not a transferable token nor does it trade on liquid markets. It is more akin to an account-based point system that signifies the vesting duration of the wallet’s locked $EDE tokens within the protocol.


Total $EDE Supply: 30,300,000

EDE is a decentralized exchange allowing trading without the need for a username or password. The platform uses an aggregate price feed which reduces the risk of liquidations from temporary wicks.

Social trading

The goal of this ecosystem is to become a leader in its field. To do so, the objective is to develop the untapped potential of decentralized social trading.

Direct access to the official website

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