Bass Exchange – Minimize Slippage Rate


Bass Exchange – Minimize Slippage Rate. Find out more about this project and direct access to its website.

Bass Exchange, Low slippage rate, scalable and single-sided staking stableswap.

Thanks to this new ecosystem, you can enjoy stablecoin exchanges on your favorite L2 networks with the lowest possible slippage and provide liquidity with just one click.

Bass Exchange – features:

The three main features of this project are:

  • Scalable Equilibrium: Innovate coverage-ratio-based stableswap mechanism to remove scalability barriers, which allows the possibility of achieving 100% capital utilization with no impermanent loss.
  • Slippage minimization: Bass adopts the asset-to-liability model; slippage is negated until higher transaction amounts and reduced when it occurs.
  • Foundation for DeFi to build upon: A pure single-token pool design enables single-token LP tokens, ideal for borrowing and lending protocols and trading platforms to build on top of.


Utilizing a Bass stableswap model, Bass users can: swap stablecoins at hyper-efficient exchange rates with minimal slippage.

Staking and Revenue Sharing

bBASS and uBASS represents the staked version of BASS. The main goal for staking is to distribute protocol revenue and AERO rewards with stakers.

Stakers get 100% of the protocol revenue and AERO rewards.

Protocol revenue is generated from taking haircut and swap fee for different assets.

There will be 2 different pools for staking. One of them will be bBASS where the rewards will be used for buying BASS from the market and distributing it to bBASS stakers.

The other will be uBASS where the rewards will be used for buying USDC from market and distributing it to uBASS stakers.

Reward tokens are shared with stakers on a weekly basis because of Aerodrome Finance epochs. First rewards will be distributed 1 week later than the protocol deployment.

And here are the last three points to remember:

Maximize Capital Utilization

BASS’s open liquidity pool design aggregates liquidity in a shared pool intricately balanced by Coverage Ratios, providing greater capital efficiency.

Increase Scalability

BASS’s flexible liquidity pools allow staking with a single token, which facilitates liquidity growth without the need for complex maneuvers.

Minimize Slippage Rate

BASS uses an asset to liability model and negates slippage until higher transaction amounts and reduces slippage when it occurs!

Direct access to the official website

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