Vanilla, an introduction to its ecosystem


Vanilla – Discover the Vanilla DApp, which has set a new NFT trend. Also direct access to the project website.

Vanilla – Another Level NFT Amplifying & Automated Lending Platform.

The NFT market is a market with outstanding growth potential among the crypto markets. Compared to the beginning of last year, the market capitalization and trading volume of the market have grown by several orders of magnitude, and numerous companies with IP as well as existing crypto investors are issuing NFTs in the crypto scene or starting to prepare for it.

However, compared to the heat of this hot market, the fundamental limitations of NFT as an asset have not yet been properly overcome. It is the low liquidity that the non-fungible property inevitably implies. An asset with low liquidity has to bear a very high slippage in order to liquidate quickly, which is an incentive to undervalue the asset relative to its average transaction price. Low liquidity is an even more critical problem in highly volatile asset classes where there is a great incentive to stop-losses.

Compared to a 50-60% decrease in cryptocurrency market trading volume over the past year, NFT market trading volume has decreased by more than 90%. NFTs are mostly ERC-721 based tokens, so they are virtually the only tokens in the world, so unlike existing ERC-20 tokens, they cannot be distinguished and have a structure with low liquidity.

If you follow NFT news, you’ll certainly enjoy discovering the features of this project.

Vanilla explained in a few words:

Vanilla is a platform service that provides profit realization opportunities through deposit, lock-up and boosting using the platform token BUM, and NFT collateral loan service through NFT reinforcement.

The Ethereum-based Dapp Vanilla platform not only includes NFT marketplace auction, trading, and ticketing features, but also introduces the concept of enriching NFTs using some of Chainlink’s features.

The platform allows you to borrow native BUM tokens, the native token of this ecosystem, via NFT.

So you can think of a Vanilla platform as a model that combines the NFT and DeFi models using BUM native tokens.

The main page features a dashboard function that allows you to check the amount of commissions generated on the NFT marketplace, as well as an additional NFT reinforcement concept. When this is done, a certain reinforcement value is randomly given to the NFT via Chainlink’s VRF direct funding function.

You can stake ETH, ERC20 tokens to get BUM

The only way to get new BUM without exchanges or BUM is staking. You can stake ETH, USDT to get BUM. The more you stake ETH, USDT, the more you get BUM.

It will be distributed per block by the amount you staked. And also the more you locked BUM or collateralized amplified NFTs, the more you get BUM.

ETH and USDT will distribute same, that half of all distributing BUM from ETH, the rest from USDT. You can get back your staked ETH, USDT anytime you want.

Direct access to the official website

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