Speciex, what is it?

Speciex, what is it? Discover a growing ecosystem for a decentralized world. Basic information and direct access to the official website.


Speciex aims to build a bridge between the traditional financial world and decentralized networks.

Speciex introduction:

SPECIEX’s mission is to bring non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and decentralized finance (DeFi) to the masses.

The first significant wave of users of decentralized commerce applications will be those seeking experiences or products they cannot get from centralized alternatives. Many of these early users will be crypto natives.

The most prominent product category is the Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) vertical. NFTs do not merely represent digital collectibles but can create entirely new experiences for creators and communities.

NFTs functions:

Interestingly, NFTs can function as digital collectibles. In addition, they can be symbolic representations of physical goods and collectibles, unlock other digital content, and serve as access tokens to digital or personal experiences.

NFTs can be used for various financial applications and use cases. The design space for NFTs is nearly unlimited and represents an exciting paradigm shift for blockchain technology.

Decentralized Finance (Defi) is the gateway to unlocking massive new financial opportunities for lenders, creditors, and liquidity providers. Over $40B of value is locked in Defi protocols, and this number is expected to grow by multiple orders of magnitude in the next few years. However, we are still in the very early innings of the Defi movement. Today most Defi participants are highly sophisticated and number in the tens of thousands of users.

To remember:

In contrast, the majority of cryptocurrency users numbering in the millions, have not yet adopted these technologies en masse. Interacting with Defi protocols is difficult and cumbersome, requiring complicated operations like staking/unstaking, measuring impermanent loss, and paying expensive gas fees. Further, hundreds of millions to billions of mainstream consumers, merchants, retail investors, small businesses, and global enterprises have very little knowledge of these permissionless financial protocols and are unable to participate in perhaps the most disruptive movement in finance since the very invention of money itself.

While there are both buyers and sellers that transact across various verticals with stablecoins and/or Bitcoin and Ether, existing widespread payment methods like credit cards and mobile payments are still preferred by many crypto-savvy users for their ubiquity, convenience, and lack of pricing volatility.

Peer-to-peer commerce is handicapped until cryptocurrencies become the dominant form of medium of exchange. Using decentralized technologies, creating a commerce platform does not guarantee widespread merchant and consumer adoption. Only by creating new killer applications that are not possible without crypto-centric technologies will our industry succeed in creating a more open, permissionless, and resilient future for global commerce and finance that impacts hundreds of millions or billions of lives.

The SPECIEX Token (SPEX) is the governance and value accrual token for the entire SPECIEX Platform and suite of products. SPECIEX token holders will be able to create and vote on proposals to govern the underlying protocol. SPEX holders also directly benefit from the success of the SPECIEX Platform and products built on top of it.

Revenues generated accrue directly to SPEX via several economic models, which can be changed in the future through the governance process.

Speciex ecosystem:

The uniqueness of SPECIEX Ecosystem is, you can earn and grow your holdings as much as you can. Speciex ecosystem includes it’s own AMM DEX, Liquidity Pool, Staking and rewards, LP
tokens Farming with high APY, Landing and borrowing Platform, Gaming Platform with Play to earn option, NFT and Metaverse.

There are many ways to earn SPEX token in Speciex Ecosystem. SPECIEX has built its token (SPEX) on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), allowing its usability on its own platform. Its trustless architecture enables developers, individuals, and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) to deploy and create synthetic assets on the BSC network.

Just Connect with your wallet, start farming and staking instantlySpécieux offers you farming on different crypto currencies with highest APY. parallely you can stake our token to maximize your profit. Which gives you additional benefits and rewards.

Under the SPECIEX ecosystem, tokenized assets can directly be traded on a peer-to-peer network. The operation of minting and trading SPEX tokens is governed by automated smart contracts.

This removes the need to rely on a third-party intermediary with the protocol ensuring a trustless environment. Tokenization of SPEX assets on the blockchain also allows fractional ownership of the underlying asset. With blockchain, SPECIEX provides the necessary tools to fractionally divide an asset into desired units (tokens) and mint them on the BSC network. This allows users to raise synthetic tokensfor any form of tangible or physical assets. Some of the features are listed below.

Direct access to the official website

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