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Latest DeFi News including: GameFi, Metaverse, NFT

Oct 5, 2022
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Latest DeFi News

Find out the latest news about DeFi impacting the world of cryptos, as well as: GameFi, NFT and Metaverse.

Bitcoin, serait-ce le calme avant la tempête ?

Cela fait maintenant quelques jours que la volatilité sur Bitcoin s’est calmée. On reste autour des 20’000 $ sans arriver vraiment à dépasser les 21000 $.

Cependant, serait-ce le calme avant la tempête ?

Quelques prix sont à surveiller, et en regardant le graphique hebdomadaire, on peut dire avec une presque quasi certitude que si Bitcoin ne franchit pas clairement les 21’000$ et ne reste pas au-dessus, alors oui, la tempête pourrait se lever presque à coup sûr.

Petite analyse technique:

Si le prix ne parvient pas à dépasser le niveau des 21000 à court terme, avec du volume, alors, on peut s’attendre à une cassure baissière sous les 20 000 dollars et cette fois, les 18000 $ pourrait bien céder. Dans ce cas, un autre mouvement baissier massif vers la zone des 16K$ et ensuite vers les 12000 $ est probable.

Pour en savoir plus sur le prix et ce qu’il pourrait bien faire, vous pouvez retrouver des analyses pertinentes dans l’article consacré au : crypto trading.

NFT, review of the first half of 2022

If throughout the year 2021, everyone was talking about NFTs, we can say that it has calmed down well during the first half of 2022. Indeed, even if the NFT news remained rich and varied, the fact remains that there is much less talk about them.

It is true that the profits are less than in 2021.

The first quarter of 2022 was very good in terms of numbers, the second a little less so, however, they are still significantly higher than last year’s volumes at the same time.

Volume of dollars traded:

1st quarter: 10 billion
2nd quarter: 8 billion

It is also important to note that the 2022 numbers, as a whole, are about 10 times higher than the 2021 numbers, so it is important to put the Q2 2022 decline into perspective.

Volume also rose in the metaverse with a 15% increase over last year.

Latest DeFi News with Ethereum

Latest DeFi News with Ethereum, roadmap:

The latest news from DeFi is marked by Ethereum news. Indeed, during the EthCC (5) which is the 5th edition of the Ethereum Community Conference, Vitalik Buterin unveiled the new roadmap of Ethereum (ETH).

The co-founder of the second largest blockchain network by market capitalization said that the Ethereum protocol is in a big phase of change.

The main goal being: to stabilize the capacity of the ETH protocol as soon as possible.

This roadmap tells us that by early October at the latest (announced date, September 19), if all goes well, the Merge (transition from the Ethereum network to Proof-of-Stake) will have been made, we also learn many other changes.

This blockchain will notably undergo the Surge (the Merge) which will consist in applying the sharding on the network. It is important to know that sharding is a process that consists in fragmenting a blockchain into several sub-blockchains. The purpose of the operation is to increase the capacity of the Ethereum network (ETH) to process a considerable number of transactions at once.

The other major transition that the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain will undergo is the Verge. The latter will consist of optimizing data storage while decreasing the size of the nodes on the network. Furthermore, Vitalik Buterin said that the long-term goal is to make the Ethereum (ETH) network capable of validating 100,000 transactions per second.

WEB3 and decentralized finance, same fight?

WEB3 and decentralized finance, same fight?

It is safe to say that many of the objectives of WEB3 serve and support the goals of decentralized finance.

It is however important to specify that the Web3, which represents this new layer of Internet based on the blockchain, is not only about “speculation”.

The utilities and potential uses of Web3 are diverse and varied and respond to real problems, here are some examples:

Data control is becoming more and more a problem to which Web3 can provide practical solutions.

Indeed, we can only notice that today Internet is largely dominated by a few Tech actors. You all know them: Google, Amazon, Meta (ex-Facebook) and the others. These giants embody an Internet in which all data, yours and companies’, are centralized. Big Tech uses this data to sell advertising and push their own products and services. Not very satisfying, is it?

If blockchain and Web3 technologies are not the miracle solution to this centralization, they nevertheless offer an interesting use case: taking back control of our personal data (identities, banking data, subscriptions, etc.) that are written in a blockchain and that only we would be able to consult (especially via our digital wallets).

We could also mention the fact that Web2 allows the valorisation of personal data, indeed, if you take back the control of your data, you can decide who will be able to benefit from it. You can, for example, decide to give it to a company that would like to use it for advertising or something else.

For a creator, like a singer, Web3 also potentially allows to reappropriate part of the value of his songs by distributing them directly, without intermediary, via NFT. And this is where DeFi comes in, by combining WEB3 and DeFi, everyone will be able to take back the control of his life on the net and even in the real world which is more and more in interaction with the web.

Latest news from the metaverse


Darkverse, will it be soon unfortunately a reality?

Darkverse, this word is for the moment a pure invention but could become popular in the future, because who says metaverse, also says darkverse, like the web with the dark web.

The facts:

Computer security company Trend Micro recently published a report on the subject. It details the potential security risks of the metaverse, which is still a relatively new field. According to Trend Micro, the virtual worlds of Web3 could have their own illegal counterpart, which they call the “darkverse”.

“In some ways, [the darkverse] is more dangerous than the dark Web, because of the pseudo-physical presence of users. It mimics clandestine physical meetings, in contrast to the open threads on the dark web’s criminal forums.”

Darkverse, not necessarily only negative?

The darkverse could be used to provide illegal marketplaces, but also for other non-crime related uses:

“This space could also be used to promote free speech in the face of oppressive entities or governments.”

If the darkverse sees the rise of illegal digital venues, access could require identification tokens, likely in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

This would then pose a problem for law enforcement, who would have no way to enter.

Another hypothesis to limit access: users could potentially only enter such places if they are physically present in a certain area.

As we can see, the potential risks raised by the report are not really different from those that already exist with the darknet.

The presence of “pseudo-physical” users does not fundamentally change the way this type of network works, as the addition of an avatar is in itself only a way of interacting in a different way with these virtual worlds.

Nasdaq, un nouvel acteur majeur se lance sur le marché des cryptomonnaies

Quand on parle du NASDAQ, on parle d’une entreprise gérant le deuxième plus important marché d’actions des États-Unis. Cela situe l’importance de cette nouvelle pour le monde des cryptomonnaies, il semblerait qu’elle soit sur le point de

lancer son propre fonds de gestion de cryptomonnaies pour les institutionnels

Le Nasdaq, la deuxième Bourse la plus importante des États-Unis, s’apprête à lancer un service de conservation de cryptomonnaies.

Baptisé « Nasdaq Digital Assets », celui-ci sera exclusivement réservé aux clients institutionnels.

Cette annonce est faite sous réserve d’une approbation des régulateurs américains.

Abuses that could cost the US dearly in the future

The SEC’s announcement is baffling, here’s a summary of what they think:

As far as the SEC is concerned, Ethereum (ETH) transactions “take place in the United States.”

The SEC allows itself a daring and dubious shortcut, by estimating that because of the important concentration of its validation nodes, the transactions on Ethereum took place in the United States.

In addition to the legal aspect, this highlights flaws caused by geographical centralization. According to Etherscan, the United States is indeed the country with the most nodes, with 4,365 nodes, or 46.19% of the network.

This highlights the importance of decentralization in order to avoid, as much as possible, offering one country more than another the possibility of appropriating a project that is the property of no particular country.

Latest DeFi News with OpenSea

Latest DeFi News with OpenSea

OpenSea, the leading platform for NFT transactions

The current bear market, which has hit the entire crypto market, has not been kind to the non-fungible token sector.

If you are interested in NFT news, then you will be interested to know which of the NFT trading platforms is the most popular.

OpenSea, still #1

While OpenSea recorded $502 million in sales in August, global NFT sales fell 7% to about $634 million from $682 million in July.

Despite being down more than 80% from its all-time high in January, OpenSea still leads the top NFT marketplaces in terms of sales volume.

Last month, the NFT platforms achieved a combined volume of $613 million. This means that with its $502 million volume, OpenSea has captured an 82 percent share of the non-fungible token market.

Just behind OpenSea, in second place, we find Magic Eden with a volume of nearly 66 million dollars.

After The Merge, the Ethereum ecosystem could attract more and more institutions

Once the Merge succeeds, according to one study, it is quite possible that Ethereum could replace some business tools.

Indeed, a study suggests several use cases that could allow Ethereum to serve businesses, the project could also attract more and more institutions.

To demonstrate this, the study highlights three use cases, starting with payment methods.

Companies such as Paypal or Visa could take advantage of the blockchain to improve their transactions.

As for the private blockchain, it could enable interbank payments that require confidentiality but not necessarily speed.

The second use case includes the simplified creation of marketplaces through numerous tools or platforms available on the main network.

Multiple layers could also be used in case of large volumes.

Finally, according to the study, Ethereum would make tokenization possible while ensuring regulatory compliance.

In order to demonstrate that such a use would already be possible, the document takes as an example the company MS Azure, whose tokens are used to record and then transmit data.

Ethereum thus seems to have several alternatives that can replace the current tools of companies.

Attack on Tornado Cash and its users sparks solidarity

The lawsuit between Tornado Cash and the U.S. Treasury is undoubtedly one of the thorniest cases in the history of cryptocurrency. It is also attracting the interest of the biggest figures in the crypto world. This is notably the case of Coinbase. It announced on Thursday the funding of a lawsuit filed against the US Treasury.

Coinbase finances the Tornado Cash VS OFAC trial

On August 8, 2022, the U.S. Treasury (OFAC) banned access to Tornado Cash. This is an open source cryptocurrency mixer or blender that runs on Ethereum. This sanction follows allegations that Tornado Cash helped hackers (backed by the North Korean government) launder nearly $7 billion in virtual currencies.

On Thursday, September 8, 2022, six people decided to file a lawsuit in the federal court of the Western District of Texas.

The goal: to block the sanctions imposed by the U.S. Treasury Department and force it to remove Tornado Cash from the blacklist. In his statement yesterday, Brian Armstrong (CEO and co-founder of Coinbase) said he would fund the lawsuit.

In the official Coinbase blog, Brian Armstrong explains the reasons for his support. According to him, many users will find their funds trapped as a result of the sanctions imposed by the US Treasury. Even worse, they will no longer have access to an essential privacy tool. Knowing that Tornado Cash does not only allow mixing cryptos. This tool also optimizes the confidentiality of transactions.

It is therefore a question of defending the freedom of everyone to be able to continue in the future to make transactions respecting the private sphere and therefore anonymous by stopping thinking that anonymous transaction automatically means “criminal” transaction.

Surfin’Bitcoin 2022 à Biarritz

La conférence en France qui s’impose de plus en plus comme l’événement qui marque la cryptosphère et la DeFi francophone.

Lors de cet événement, il y en a eu pour tous les goûts. Les conférences se sont articulées autour de quatre grands thèmes :
Géopolitique et économie, Minage et énergie, Finance et régulation, Technologie et outils.

En résumé, on peut dire que cette édition Surfin-Bitcoin 2022 fut un succès. Un temps magnifique, des participants de qualité et une ambiance à la rigolade sur la magnifique terrasse surplombant la grande plage. Quel bonheur de quitter son avatar anonyme pour trinquer avec les siens. On a déjà hâte d’être à l’année prochaine !

Central banks’ digital currencies, the BCE’s very clear opinion

The European Central Bank (BCE) has published a new research report on central bank digital currencies (CBDs).

It contrasts them with stablecoins, and finds that institutions are the only ones able to preserve monetary stability.

We can see that if the FED in the USA is for the moment rather reserved on the subject, the BCE seems to have decided.

Indeed, for her, central bank digital currencies are the only “viable” alternatives to cash.

The reason?

Crypto-currencies are still considered too unstable and could unbalance the Eurozone and completely destabilize the economy and the financial world.

Everyone will judge the relevance of these words.

Dollar-linked stablecoins soon to be banned in the EU?

It’s called the MiCA regulation, you may have heard of it. What we can say is that it is far from being unanimous, on the contrary, indeed, the crypto lobbyist associations are demanding explanations.

In effect, the MiCA regulation will ban dollar-backed stablecoins in the 27 countries of the European Union (EU).

In practical terms, this proposal places restrictions on the issuance and use of stablecoins linked to a non-local currency. For example, it does not affect stablecoins backed by an official currency of an EU member state.

According to two crypto lobbyist associations, restricting the use of stablecoins backed by foreign currencies in the eurozone would “cause crypto markets to seize up.” This could lead to a significant flight of cryptocurrency activity out of the EU.

Ripple, one of the fastest growing startups in the USA

Ripple recognized as one of the “fastest growing” startups in the U.S.

The blockchain and crypto-currency fintech company was founded in 2012 and has over 1,000 employees. However, despite growing 236 percent over the past three years, it has lost about 1,800 positions.

As of last July, Ripple Labs co-founder Jed McCaleb has made at least $3.14 billion in profits from the sale of 5.7 billion XRP tokens over the past eight years, according to crypto-currency tracking tool Whale Alert.

McCaleb sold the last of its 9 billion XRP, ending a wave of dumping that began in 2014. BeIncrypto revealed that his “tacostand” wallet data shows a balance of about 48 XRP worth $17. His last outgoing transfer of 1.1 million XRP tokens was valued at over $396,000.

Some of the fastest growing crypto companies include BlockFi, Coinme and Ledger, among others.

And for Ripple, it’s all beginning, its development is far from over. In fact, Ripple is actively seeking M&A opportunities to strategically grow the company.

El Salvador joins the list of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), could it be because of Bitcoin?

For the President of El Salvador, there is no doubt, he said it very clearly:

the influx of tourists is due to the adoption of Bitcoin

It is a fact that is very clear, the data of the World Tourism Organization and Google reveal a peak of interest in El Salvador.

In fact, El Salvador is one of the few countries that have seen their tourism development grow in such proportions.

In short, President Bukele explains this tourist influx by the adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) as a legal tender and the promotion of certain sports like surfing.

New technologies have always started by scaring the majority and right-thinking people, it was the case with the internet, websites, it is the same with today’s cryptocurrencies.

However, it’s up to you to estimate if the success will be as great in the future for the latter as it was in the past for the internet and the web as we know it today.

On this reflection depends perhaps the state of your fortune in the future.

Is this already the end of Bitcoin’s dominance over altcoins?

It is true that if you look at the numbers, the graphs, you can see signs that could make altcoins enthusiasts happy.

While everyone can see that the crypto market has largely suffered since the beginning of 2022, we can also notice that everything is gradually coming back into place.

Currently, the bitcoin (BTC) price is bullish and the uptrend seems to be underway, although it requires passing the $31,000 mark in order for this trend to be well confirmed.

Altseason 2022:

Bitcoin is the leading crypto by capitalization. As a result, it single-handedly dominates the crypto market. However, there is a period during which altcoins take over and acquire a higher market capitalization than BTC. This is known as the Altseason or altcoins season.

During this period, it is recommended to invest in altcoins rather than BTC. In order to invest well, it is best to follow the cryptocurrency news assiduously. During the dominance of bitcoin (BTC), it increases in value rapidly. It’s quite the opposite during the Altseason.

If altcoins are ready for the Altseason, in my opinion, it is still a bit early to say that we are already completely in the Altseason, because it all depends on what Bitcoin will do in the coming weeks. However, it is true that it is becoming more and more interesting to get informed and why not take positions on some Altcoins that could well see their price soar soon.

Latest DeFi News, dernière actualité DeFi et crypto

Coinbase - BlackRock

BlackRock – Coinbase, ce partenariat pourrait-il relancer le monde de la crypto ?

Coinbase a été sélectionnée par BlackRock pour permettre aux clients d’Aladdin d’accéder au négoce et à la conservation de crypto-monnaies via Coinbase Prime.

Cela signifie que :

La plus grande société de gestion d’investissement au monde avec environ 10 000 milliards d’actifs sous gestion et qui opère dans 30 pays s’intéresse de près, de très près aux cryptomonnaies.

Pour le monde des cryptos, c’est le jackpot, en effet, l’influence dans le monde financier de BlackRock est aussi important pour ne pas dire plus qu’un pays.

Alors quand BlackRock fait un partenariat avec Coinbase afin de créer de nouveaux points d’accès pour l’adoption de crypto-monnaies par les institutions en connectant Coinbase Prime et Aladdin, cela représente certainement la nouvelle qui peut être capitale afin de relancer le marché des cryptos.

Quand le plus grand gestionnaire d’actifs au monde désire fournir aux clients institutionnels d’Aladdin®, la plateforme de gestion d’investissement de BlackRock, un accès direct aux cryptos, à commencer par le bitcoin, grâce à la connectivité avec Coinbase Prime, cela va induire un intérêt pour le monde des cryptos qui n’aurait pas pu l’être à ce niveau en 2022 – 2023.

Coinbase Prime:

Construit pour les institutions, Coinbase Prime intègre une infrastructure avancée de négociation d’agence, de garde, de financement de premier ordre et de jalonnement, des données et des rapports qui prennent en charge l’ensemble du cycle de vie des transactions. Il s’agit d’un écosystème qui combine ses capacités avec des pratiques de pointe en matière de sécurité, d’assurance et de conformité pour fournir aux clients institutionnels de Coinbase une plateforme de services complets pour accéder aux marchés cryptographiques.

Les clients de Coinbase comprennent des hedge funds, des allocateurs d’actifs, des institutions financières, des trésoreries d’entreprise et d’autres institutions.

Vous comprenez maintenant mieux pourquoi ce partenariat peut faire toute la différence sur le cours des cryptomonnaies et ceci plutôt rapidement.

El Salvador and Bitcoin, a successful bet?

Determination combined with a good strategy could well make El Salvador a model for many countries to follow.

If it represents a paving stone in the financial pond and therefore is particularly disturbing for the global financial system, it is no less that this country takes well the blows that are brought to him from outside as well as from within.

For example, the development of tourism in El Salvador is promising, it is one of the countries that rebound best after Covid.

Sea, Satoshi & Sun

Despite pressure from the IMF and speculative attacks on its government bonds, El Salvador has stood its ground, and not given up on maintaining Bitcoin (BTC) as legal tender. And Bitcoin is doing it right. Indeed, El Salvador is one of the few countries whose tourism has already recovered from the Covid travel ban crisis, thanks in large part to the king of cryptos, according to President Nayib Bukele.

So clearly El Salvador has no regrets about its choice to embrace Bitcoin. As for the speculators’ attacks on its government bonds: even the big bank Morgan Stanley recognizes that they are currently undervalued.

Successful bet for Bitcoin and El Salvador? For the moment the answer is clearly yes.

Bitcoin and investment funds, a marriage of convenience?

Even if investment funds are not particularly fans of cryptos, it turns out that in view of their success, they can no longer ignore them and must therefore increasingly be able to offer solutions including them.

That is why, for example, the largest fund manager Blackrock has made a partnership with the company Coinbase.

We can see that the rapprochement between DeFI and traditional finance is accelerating but does not erase the systemic differences between these assets.

So the bottom line is this: Investors are desperate for new sources of significant returns. The goal is to reassure them and to attract investors in a market that is causing caution.

Despite the current bear market, this trend is becoming increasingly clear. Some are particularly exposed to this market today.

NFT, marketplace, Magic Eden, a serious competitor for Opensea?

The largest NFT marketplace on Solana (SOL) has achieved record performance, so yes, at this point we can say that this platform represents a competitor that OpenSea must take seriously.

But, can the platform really succeed in dethroning OpenSea? According to some analysts, it will be difficult.

Magic Eden recorded a trading volume of over $300 million. This platform makes every effort to offer users the best NFT projects on Solana. In addition, it provides NFT creators with great liquidity. Currently, this NFT marketplace based on the Solana blockchain (SOL) is valued at $1.6 billion.

Magic Eden recently announced that it will soon be available on the Ethereum blockchain (ETH). Therefore, we can talk about a platform that offers a serious alternative to OpenSea.


CBDC: What is it?

CBDC, four letters that you will come across more and more, because, indeed, the CBDCs are on the rise.

A recent survey conducted by the bank of banks, the renowned Bank for International Settlements (BIS) found that

90% of central banks are considering implementing central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

This figure was already 80% in 2021. A development that speaks volumes. The example of the Bahamas, China or the Eastern Caribbean seems to be democratizing.

Could CBDCs mark the end of the cryptocurrency market?

That’s what many experts are saying, but sorting out the information on this topic remains complex.

The potential of CBDCs is increasingly discussed. And for good reason. Some people go so far as to think that they represent a real revolution in the monetary system.

Economic fantasy or short-term reality?

It should be noted that the main benefits of CBDCs include:

Higher transaction efficiency, with reduced payment time.

Financial inclusion through the elimination of costly third-party fees for cross-border payments, and increased accessibility to payment channels.

Are these features capable of stimulating the economy? The answer is a resounding yes.

The technological advantages of a decentralized blockchain work in conjunction with a centralized authority. The latter directs the creation, confidentiality and distribution of the digital currency, and this is where the main problem or weakness of CBDCs appears for freedom-loving people, in fact, these four letters could well become your future nightmare, really?

Read the article:

CBDC, the end of your freedom?

GameFi, the sector that best resists the bear market?

Nothing like a bear market to weaken centralized and decentralized finance. Except that, in the midst of this turmoil, one sector is doing very well: GameFi. Indeed, this sector is currently performing almost as exceptionally as in the past.

If you follow GameFi news, you will have noticed, the GameFi sector has been the least disrupted by the bear market.

In fact, it’s safe to say that for blockchain-based video games, the trend is up.

We can also see that:
GameFi concentrates more than half of the blockchain activity.

According to DappRadar, investors saw the cryptocurrency market crisis as an opportunity to mark up their investments.

As a result, they have injected no less than $2.5 billion from April to June 2022 alone. With almost the same amount placed in the first quarter, at present, the $4 billion recorded in 2021 is already exceeded.

Stanger Things, what does it have to do with Netflix?

The relationship is direct since the platform
Netflix announced to launch a collection of 11 111 NFT on the theme of one of its flagship series: Stranger Things.
For those who do not know, it is a successful Netflix series.

It tells the adventures of a group of children in the small town of Hawkins in the United States.

Together, they will have to face supernatural events. And now they have their own NFT collection…

Thanks to Candy Digital, Netflix offers 11,111 NFTs.

This collection will delight the most dedicated fans of Stranger Things.

The NFTs are available as of Thursday, July 14, two weeks after the launch of the second half of Season 4. The Upside Down series includes 17 limited edition digital posters of key characters from the series, including Eleven, Will, Dustin, Eddie, Steve and more.

As with other NFT samples, buyers of the Upside Down series will not know which character poster they have purchased until they open the “Mystery Box.”

Latest bear market news

Latest defi news: bear market news

And if Bitcoin goes down to $12,000, what do you do?

In general, when the price of Bitcoin is at its highest, a lot of people say: “If Bitcoin goes down at least 50%, then I’ll buy. Except, that’s what they say when it’s at its highest, but when it’s down 50%, what happens?

I’ll let you guess, in short, Bitcoin would have to lose 50% or 80% but following good news for people to buy.

Let’s be serious, the investors who are going to earn a fortune again in the next few months are not going to be influenced by market noises, by what this or that magazine or journalist writes, which are often just parrots who are there just to relay the dominant idea of the moment and note events that they don’t understand much about.

In fact, the fall in the price of Bitcoin is to be seen as an opportunity that was absolutely unthinkable a few months ago. Those who believe in this ecosystem and have understood what Bitcoin is all about are jumping for joy, while others are crying.

The solution: you have to read up on the whole ecosystem, not just one aspect. Buy out of conviction and with a vision, otherwise, indeed, it is better to abstain.

Why do people lose a fortune with Bitcoin?

Simply because they don’t know anything about it and buy Bitcoin when everyone else is buying, which is the worst possible time for real investors to sell.

In short, buying high and selling low is the ideal formula for ruining yourself, and yet that’s exactly what most people do.

Knowing how to take advantage of Bitcoin’s volatility is what those who make a fortune from cryptocurrencies do. It’s not too complicated, but on the other hand, it may not be as simple as most people think.

The most wanted person in Europe and the world for cryptocurrency scams, is it a man or a woman?

On June 30th, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) added Ruja Ignatova to its list of most wanted fugitives on 8 counts.

This means that Ruja Ignatova enters the Top 10 Most Wanted Fugitives, along with Arnoldo Jimenez, Alexis Flores and Rafael Caro-Quintero.

What did she do?

She took $4 billion from people who put their trust in her fake cryptocurrency called OneCoin.

Ruja Ignatova was able to seduce investors at the time. She was able to fill rooms like the Wembley Arena in London.

This, among other things, contributed to the massive influx of customers into her in-between. In 2016, OneCoin had about 3 million investors.

Namely, a reward of 100,000 dollars will be offered to anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of Ruja Ignatova.

Remember? She managed to swindle 4 billion dollars from those who invested in OneCoin.

Les influenceurs ont-ils un effet positif ou nocif sur les investisseurs ?

On peut dire qu’en général ils ont une influence plutôt positive, sauf que, quand cela dérape, cela se voit, et ça peut faire mal.

Certains influenceurs peut scrupuleux peuvent très bien acheter une crypto et s’arranger pour faire monter le prix en utilisant des arguments qui dépassent le bon sens.

Ils manipulent des informations véridiques en les sortant de leur contexte.

Il faut comprendre que dans le domaine des cryptomonnaies, il est possible pour un influenceur de gagner rapidement de l’argent, beaucoup d’argent.

S’il achète au tout début d’un projet un token et qu’il a une communauté assez importante, il peut réellement influencer le cour de ce token. Une fois qu’il a réussi son coup, il lui suffit de revendre ses tokens. Le projet en question étant nouveau, il a en général peu de liquidités et donc sa revente fait s’écrouler le prix du token en question, et sa communauté se retrouve prise avec un token qui a divisé par 10 ou bien plus, et ceci en quelques heures, pour ne pas dire moins. Alors prudence, quand vous suivez les conseils des influenceurs.

Latest news from the metaverse

Latest Defi news and the metaverse

Metaverse, a tsunami that will radically change the face of the Internet

Metaverse, the revolution starts now, the biggest in the field of Internet understood it, example: Facebook renamed Meta, ready to change everything and risk not to miss the turn.

Here’s what Mark Zuckerberg says about Meta’s stance on the metaverse:

“We think the metaverse will be the successor to the mobile internet; we can feel present, like we’re right there with people, no matter how far apart we actually are.”

The changes in strategies and techniques will be felt both internally, impacting on the management of the company, and externally with the management of users.

In the Web3 environment, creators will also be the primary beneficiaries of revenue. So it seems that Meta will experiment with the impact of this model on its results. Indeed blockchain technology wants to be able to cut out the middlemen like Meta, to avoid this, the company becomes the solution to its own problem.

Meta is in the midst of a transformation and has decided to embrace Web 3.0 fully, at the risk of sinking its flagship products, in order to prepare for the revolution that the metaverse will bring in our personal, professional and everywhere else lives.

Bear market, it’s not bad for everyone

We always talk about the companies that are doing badly because of the bear market, but rarely do we talk about the ones that are doing very well even in the bear market and sometimes we can even say that they are taking advantage of the bear market.

Here are two examples, the first with Nested which specializes in social trading and allows novice traders to give themselves a better chance of winning their trades by following, copying professionals.

We can also talk about the decentralized trading platform gTrade which allows traders to trade without sending their money to a broker, which in these times is a guarantee of more security for traders. No one wants to take the risk of having their assets blocked by a trading platform, and this ecosystem meets this need exactly and is gaining more and more followers.

So, yes, there are many examples of companies that thrive in a bear market, and in general, they have been able to respond to specific needs that are important to their users.

Latest news, Visa launches crypto cards in Latin America

Visa has announced partnerships with several fintech startups in Latin America.


Launching a series of crypto credit cards making it easier to make payments in cryptocurrencies.

Indeed, Visa has announced collaborations with various fintech companies and IT startups in Brazil and Argentina, including Satoshi Tango in Argentina, and other startups like, Alterbank and Zro Bank in Brazil.

This will allow users to make transactions with Visa cards and receive cryptocurrency cashbacks every time they spend.

It should not be forgotten that bitcoin continues to attract, for example in Argentina, an ever-increasing part of the population that seeks to fight against the growing inflation in the country.

Wouldn’t a drop in Bitcoin be desired by some whales?

Bitcoin (BTC) is currently in a downward trend for the past few weeks and is currently in a range, with the price oscillating between $28,000 and $32,000.

Behind this trend, however, would be a desire of the whales to strengthen their stocks of digital assets in order to create a new dynamic in the market. At least, this is what several professionals in the cryptocurrency market think.

Latest DeFi News:

Crypto special, let’s take a look at what’s going on with Bitcoin, knowing that it then carries over to the crypto universe as well as in DeFi related projects.

The whales, the big investors take this drop as a bargain. They take advantage of it to accumulate Bitcoin at a good price.

This also means that the new trend of mega whales could have remarkable effects on the price of Bitcoin (BTC).

This could be a sign that investors are going to be very interested in bitcoin (BTC) in the coming months, which will only strengthen its value.

Which mega whales are on the move in the BTC market and increasing their stock?

We can mention Michael Saylor’s company MicroStrategy. It is an important player in this field. As of April, it had bought 4,167 BTC, or $190.5 million. Alongside it are other companies such as Binance, Bitfinex and OKEX.

The drop in value of BTC does not cool the willingness of the mega whales to increase their stock. They continue to buy BTC so that today they hold almost 12% of the total supply in the market.

Analysts believe that this trend allows them to see a positive future for the cryptocurrency.

Some sharks have crept into the crypto world, sometimes you spot a new one, would that be the case with Do Kwon?

Do Kwon is said to have regularly sent huge amounts of money to unknown addresses. Worse, he would have done so just before the collapse of Terra Luna.

In fact,

he could well be blamed for having repeatedly sent the sum of 80 million dollars on unknown wallets, this before the fall of Terra Luna.

We discover with amazement that Do Kwon, since a few weeks, even months, would have made very doubtful transactions and with considerable amounts, amounting to several hundreds of millions of dollars.

The latter, however, is seriously starting to accumulate investigations on his person and on the companies linked to the Luna classic, Luna 2.0 and UST tokens.

In the last few hours, new damning revelations have been made by members of TerraForm Labs itself.

These employees have confirmed to the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) that every month, 80 million dollars were redirected to unknown wallets, and this for several months before the crash of Luna first version and the UST.

These multiple money transfers would have started a few months before the crash of stablecoin and the ecosystem’s flagship currency, thus further raising suspicions of money laundering or premeditated capital flight.

What if these transactions simply revealed that Do Kwon was aware of the impending implosion of the entire Terra ecosystem and that this situation guided his actions? The SEC is rightly wondering and wants answers.

bear market

Bear market, how to manage it?

Bear market, we talk about it a lot, it’s good to see it but then, what do we do?

The losses can sometimes be spectacular during a bear market, especially when everything gets out of control and you experience falls like the one that happened to Luna, for example.

Emotionally, it is very difficult. That’s why we have to say over and over again that you should never trade more than you can lose. This means that any loss should not have any significant influence in the trader’s life. By respecting this, living a Bear Market becomes much easier and allows you to stay in control.

Keeping control also means:

Being able to identify the lows in the market, so that you can reinvest at the right time and thus take advantage of the downturn to invest for a quick gain on a rebound or a larger gain by swing trading.

A bear market offers many opportunities for gains, except to the one who persists in playing the guessing game and thinks he knows. No one knows, but some people, those who have learned, know how to recognize the moments that offer a maximum chance of gains, we still do not speak of certainty in this case, but of quasi-certainty.

Making a trade with near certainty requires knowledge, patience and a good mind. It’s a very demanding profession, and all amateur traders who think they are soothsayers learn this through great losses and emotions that become increasingly difficult to manage, because they are destructive.

Managing a bear market is possible, but you can’t improvise yourself in trading, you should never improvise yourself as a trader, especially not in a bear market. Because there are all the smart people who know that the market is going to go up, we don’t know how they know but they feel it… And there are those who remain bearish even after a strong fall and do not see the rebound that will ruin them if they remain bearish just because we are in bear market.

So in summary, one word to remember, training. Without training, the best way to manage a bear market is simply not to trade.

But in any case, when you access your favorite decentralized or centralized trading platform, only trade what you can lose. This loss should in no way have a negative impact on your daily life, at which point, emotionally, you will always be in control

Latest DeFi news with Ethereum, what price in the future?

Ethereum, what price in the future? Many experts answer this question

Ethereum, just like Bitcoin, some see it rising and even strongly.

The Finder site interviewed a number of specialists and according to them, its price could more than double by the end of 2022, before reaching $26,000 in 8 years.

Ethereum prediction:

  • $6,500 in 2022
  • $11,000 in 2025
  • $26,000 in 2030

Last little information:

Nearly 79% of financial technology experts believe that Ethereum‘s transition to a proof-of-stake validation protocol (with miners being replaced by “stakers”), scheduled for this year, will have a positive impact on ETH’s price.

Crypto trading and Forex, great contest on the decentralized leverage trading platform: Gtrade

Contest: crypto trading and Forex

Decentralized leveraged trading, two big contests with tens of thousands of dollars to be won, first contest is going on now, it lasts one month, you can still participate and the 2nd one will be on February and March, it will also last 30 days.

Here is the announcement made by the platform:

We are delighted to announce that Polygon is supporting the adoption and growth of gTrade, our decentralized leveraged trading platform, with a $250k grant in MATIC tokens targeted for trading incentives.

Latest DeFi news related to trading

We mean the only decentralized leveraged trading platform that supports 43 crypto-currency pairs and 10 currency pairs and charges no funding or borrowing fees to keep trades open.

In fact, trades have no impact on the platform’s prices because it uses a synthetic architecture connected to a custom Chainlink decentralized oracle network offering real-time medianized spot prices, which also filter out bad volatility or “ripoff streaks.”

Discover all the info here

NFT news, this time the NFT boom is coming to the photo world

NFT news, it is now confirmed, the NFT boom continues to explode, reaching the world of photography.

Digital images are finding new life and value as NFT.

In fact, the NFT boom is no longer just a sensational explosion, but rather a new reality for digital creators.

In the photography world, new collectives are forming and photographers are interacting with digital images in a whole new way.

Photographers are accustomed to selling pieces as “editions”, which may be open or limited. This increases the rarity and value of their work. Photography NFTs take on the ability to produce images in open or limited editions, but with the added value of traceability and non-mutability.

This inherent feature of NFTs prevents photo forgeries, as has proven so valuable in the fashion world.

Big names in the art world use NFTs for their photos: for example, the photographer Aimos Vasquez or the representatives of the famous fashion photographer and former creative director of Chanel and Fendi, Karl Lagerfeld, had hundreds of thousands of image catalogs transferred to the blockchain.

Latest DeFi News : la finance décentralisée s’invite dans l’immobilier

Latest DeFi News, quel lien entre investissement immobilier et DeFi

Investissement immobilier, ce qui va changer à l’avenir grâce à la DeFi

Après internet, qui a déjà bien changé les habitudes des investisseurs et a bien souvent déjà commencé à changer les habitudes au niveau des transactions, voici qu’une nouvelle révolution est en marche et qui va accentuer encore le changement des rapports entre acheteurs et vendeurs ainsi que pour les investisseurs de manière plus générale.

En effet, dans le cadre de l’actualité de la finance décentralisée, on parle de plus en plus de sociétés qui se lancent dans le métavers.

Essentiellement, ce sont trois produits qui n’existaient pas encore il y a peu de temps et qui font leur entrée en force dans l’univers de l’immobilier, il s’agit des :

  1. NFT
  2. prêts hypothécaires cryptés
  3. la propriété fractionnée.

Ce sont les nouvelles tendances qui vont changer le visage de l’investissement immobilier en 2022.

Des sociétés sont déjà très actives dans ce domaine, comme: Propy.

Propy est le plus grand protocole axé sur l’immobilier sur le marché des crypto-monnaies, et il se concentre sur l’automatisation de l’achat d’une maison et sur la rapidité et la sécurité du processus de clôture.

Après être devenue la première entreprise à lancer un NFT immobilier en 2021, Propy a fait des vagues pour la récente vente aux enchères de NFT immobilier aux États-Unis après avoir vendu une maison à Tampa, en Floride, pour 210 Ether ( ETH ) d’une valeur d’environ 650 000 $.

On peut également parler de Milo qui est une start-up fintech basée à Miami et qui prétend offrir la première « crypto-hypothèque » au monde en permettant aux clients d’utiliser Bitcoin ( BTC ) comme garantie pour se qualifier pour un prêt de 30 ans.

Une fois lancé, le service sera ouvert aux clients américains et internationaux cherchant à acheter un bien immobilier aux États-Unis.

En cherchant un peu, vous pourrez trouver encore de nombreuses preuves de la popularité croissante des projets axés sur l’immobilier dans l’écosystème de la blockchain, ceci en examinant plusieurs projets qui ont déjà commencé à émerger sur la scène immobilière en 2022.

Mastercard wants to offer a true advisory service to its customers for cryptocurrencies and NFTs

Indeed, the giant Mastercard has announced the extension of its advisory service to cryptocurrencies as well as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Still aiming to position itself in the cryptocurrency sector, the company wants to support merchants who need help in adopting this new technology as well as digital objects.

The idea behind this support is to allow the creation of synergies around cryptocurrencies. This can be the creation of a loyalty program, or the implementation of a new payment method.

“This evolution of consulting is a recognition of the changing world and our business. It’s about helping customers navigate today’s challenges and anticipate tomorrow’s,” said Mastercard Data Services President Raj Seshadri.

In addition to this goal, Mastercard plans to assist central banks in their thinking about creating central bank digital currencies (CBDCs).

In fact, the payment giant launched a test platform for such digital currencies in 2020.

Bitcoin, Lugano

Bitcoin, legal tender in Lugano (Switzerland)

After El Salvador, it was not expected that Switzerland would react so quickly and that Bitcoin would become de facto legal tender in Lugano, a city located in Ticino.

Lugano will become a very attractive city, a new place in the world to live in crypto.

Indeed, the city will become a major center for the adoption of blockchain in Europe” and promote it at the local community level.

For example, everyone will be able to pay their taxes in Bitcoin or pay businesses, restaurants and others in cryptos.

Michele Foletti, mayor of Lugano, wants her city to become a model for global adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Note that this one started with the adoption of a digital token and a token that modernizes local loyalty programs.

Latest DeFi News:

The metaverse is becoming more and more important in the world of sport.

Manchester City, Etihad Stadium in the metaverse

MANCHESTER CITY creates the event in the metaverse

The metaverse news is currently rich in events, here is another important news.

MANCHESTER CITY has indeed confirmed its intention to create its own stadium in the metaverse. To do this, an agreement has been reached with Tezos.

Concretely, this will help the English soccer club to become familiar with web3. Tezos could also play a major role in the future launch of collectibles and other digital products for fans.

The goal is to create a virtual replica of the Etihad Stadium, the stadium of the English soccer club.

What is also interesting to note is that such a project in the metaverse will not only open the doors of the Manchester City stadium to its fans, but also bring them closer to the team.

So it looks like Manchester City will be leading the way in the digital Metaverse, with the help of virtual reality experts from Sony, who are recreating the Etihad Stadium in the Metaverse, with the hope of making it City’s hub in the virtual reality world.

These virtual stadiums will also have the ability to accommodate far more people than real stadiums, so fans will never be disappointed that they couldn’t attend a game.

We can say that things move much faster than we think in the universe of the metaverse, here is one more proof.

DeFi, balance sheet for about a year, the figures

Let’s talk about DeFi, what the numbers tell us about 365 days.

Indeed, it is impossible to talk about the state of decentralized finance news without giving a numerical update of the situation.

Latest DeFi news about the state of this ecosystem

Due to precarious macroeconomic conditions accelerated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February, risks such as stocks and crypto have trended lower throughout 2022.

However, one crypto niche has suffered longer than the rest of the market: the DeFi tokens.

Here are three significant facts:

  • Crypto’s DeFi sector has been trading in a bear market for more than a year, with many of its major projects falling more than 80% from their all-time highs.
  • MakerDAO, Aave, and Uniswap have traded lower over the period, despite maintaining or improving fundamentals.
  • The second largest lending protocol, Compound, lost 92.5% in value and arguably deteriorated in all areas of fundamentals.

We can only note one thing, after such drops, those who believe in crypto, DeFi, will be able to make excellent deals and will certainly count on this significant drop to make a small fortune in the future, because there is no shortage of opportunities for those who believe.

Quels sont les 5 tokens qui pourraient être les plus prometteurs?

L’un des secteurs émergents dans l’espace blockchain, la finance décentralisée (DeFi), est un protocole basé sur la blockchain qui existe pour éradiquer les tiers comme les banques et les institutions financières de toutes les transactions financières.

Cet article vise à fournir aux utilisateurs une vue détaillée des cinq meilleures pièces DeFi disponibles sur le marché ainsi que la mention de la meilleure plateforme de trading décentralisée pour ceux que cela intéresse, pour ce faire retrouvez dans votre langue préférée l’article : decentralized trading platform.

Voici les cinq jetons que je recommande :

DeFi Coin – La meilleure pièce de monnaie DeFi à acheter.

Fonctionnant sur la Binance Smart Chain (BSC), DEFC est le jeton natif de la bourse DeFi Swap. Après la mise en service du DEX (échange décentralisé) de DeFi Swap début mai 2022, le prix de la pièce DEFC a connu une hausse exponentielle.

Le 5 mai 2022, la pièce DeFi a rapporté 5 fois son prix, passant de 0,1 $ à un maximum quotidien de 0,5643 $.

Lucky Block – Nouvelle crypto-monnaie de jeu à surveiller
Mana – Projet DeFi pour investir dans le metaverse
Uniswap – Meilleur projet DeFi et fournisseur de liquidités
Yearn Finance – Gagner des intérêts et contracter des prêts en utilisant DeFi.

Although there are new DeFi coins launched all the time, I see DeFi Coin as a very promising coin in the future, so you can make up your own mind.

Paypal cryptos

PayPal, ever more involved in crypto related services.

PayPal does not hide it, it wishes to develop always more its services related to the cryptocurrencies as well as the electronic currencies of the central banks, the MNBC.

In the context of decentralized finance news, we don’t often have the opportunity to see major players in decentralized finance news come and offer services that serve as a bridge between individuals and cryptocurrencies, with PayPal, this is the case.

PayPal does not hide it, it wishes to develop always more its services related to the cryptomonies as well as the electronic currencies of the central banks, the MNBC.

After launching payments in Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) in the United States, PayPal wants to expand its offer related to digital currencies, says Richard Nash :

“We’re looking to work with others to encompass everything we can, whether it’s the coins we have today in PayPal digital wallets, private digital currencies or MNBCs in the future.”

PayPal is one of the world’s largest payment companies, which has ventured into cryptocurrency and blockchain in recent years. It has over 420 million users. And that represents a gold mine for the company’s growth. Its revenue increased by 19% in the second quarter of 2021 compared to the same quarter in 2020.

One reason for this increase is PayPal’s owned payment app Venmo. After introducing cryptocurrency payments in April 2021, the app’s transaction volume increased by 58% between 2020 and 2021.

Red Bull NFT Metaverse

NFT and Metaverse news, a new convert: Red Bull

Red Bull after careful consideration is planning to expand into the metaverse and offer NFTs.

The metaverse news as well as the news of NFTs is currently marked by the statement of Red Bull. Indeed, Austrian energy drink giant Red Bull, which filed a trademark application on March 3, 2022, signaling that it wants to expand into the metaverse and sell non-fungible branded tokens, is the latest company to start taking the plunge.

As Michael Kondoudis, a registered trademark attorney related to the metaverse, pointed out, companies are laying the groundwork for an eminent transition to a virtual marketplace.

“The metaverse is real and companies need to plan accordingly. Companies no longer need to wonder if it will happen. It’s just a matter of when,” he said.

Indeed, Red Bull is far from the only brand to invert itself into NFT and the metaverse in recent weeks. Trademark applications in these sectors are really on the rise, it must be said that it is becoming important for companies to protect their respective brands in order to avoid any abuse in the metaverse.

For Red Bull, they have been steadily increasing investments in the world of NFT and the metaverse. We can see that after their recent partnership with Bybit, the company is back in the spotlight as the latest company to file trademark applications in the metaverse.

Latest news DeFi, where are we in cryptocurrency payments?

Latest news about the possibility of paying online with cryptos:

Shopify to offer users the ability to pay in crypto through an alliance with

Here it is, Shopify customers can now pay in cryptocurrencies.

Shopify has just joined the list of Pay partner companies.

This partnership will also allow to expand its user base.

This is a win/win deal, as this new partnership could help Shopify grow its business, attracting more merchants to its platform. As a result, this could boost crypto adoption, as remember, Shopify has over a million registered stores worldwide.

This will allow the cryptocurrency to grow faster on a large scale and for Shopify to attract new customers as well.

Unprecedented crash in cryptocurrencies, the consequences are starting to be felt

The Terra ecosystem, one of the largest DeFi projects, has collapsed in a matter of hours. This caused an unprecedented crash in the entire crypto universe.

Many consequences resulted, here is another example with CommBank, Australia’s largest bank issuing doubts about cryptocurrency trading.

For the head of CommBank as well as for many crypto users, digital assets represent a huge interest. However, the high volatility and lack of regulation makes this area risky and unreliable.

In short, nothing is lost. Indeed, the cryptocurrency crash has a major impact on the various stages of digital asset adoption. Australia like the other countries that gathered in El Salvador, recognizes the interest of cryptos and is looking for a way to regulate their use.

Magic Eden

Magic Eden, the new NFT platform to rival OpenSea

Magic Eden has big ambitions and hopes to capture a significant portion of OpenSea’s market share.

It must be said that the company is giving itself the means to succeed, indeed, in order to create a viable NFT marketplace on Solana, already 27 million dollars have been raised.

Magic Eden focuses primarily on trading NFT games on Solana.

Let’s talk numbers:

3% of all non-fungible token (NFT) purchases take place on the OpenSea marketplace. According to DappRadar, the NFT platform has already achieved a sales volume of $23.3 billion.

However, OpenSea is still limited, particularly due to its use of the Ethereum blockchain.

We can believe it, and it is the case of many investors, but the numbers remain the numbers and for the moment, they are eloquent: Magic Eden has received only 27 million dollars during its last fundraising, a minimal amount compared to the 13 billion dollars accumulated in January by OpenSea.

Magic Eden has the support of investors and 55 employees worldwide. The company hopes to capture some of OpenSea’s market share. Its first physical office will open in San Francisco in April 2022. In addition, the company has created a decentralized autonomous organization called MagicDAO, which will allow all users to vote on the NFT collections featured on the homepage. 

Latest News DeFi: Crypto and Real Estate

Real estate rental and crypto

Real Estate rental, will it soon be possible to pay in crypto?

Real Estate rental, and if you were offered the possibility to pay your rent in crypto, would you be interested? And is it or will it be possible in the near future?

Latest news related to the use of cryptocurrencies:

According to the latest news related to the use of cryptocurrencies, we can make the following observation.

The idea of paying rent in cryptocurrencies is not new in the real estate industry. While many have put forward this suggestion, proposals in terms of tools remained scarce or unviable until now. In recent years, however, more and more platforms are making this payment method possible. The Livly and ManageGo applications are among them. With these solutions, tenants can now pay their monthly rent with cryptocurrency.

Alex Samoylovich, co-founder of the Livly platform, just announced a new app that allows tenants to pay rent with cryptocurrency.

Livly is a rental management platform launched in 2017. The company is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. With just a few clicks, residents can manage tasks such as moving out, setting up rental insurance, requesting maintenance …

Real estate platforms are increasingly following the trend:

The platform also integrates a private condo social network and lately, a cryptocurrency payment tool.

Livly accepts many cryptocurrencies, most notably Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). That said, tenants can still pay their rent in U.S. dollars on the app. This is in response to the growing demand from residents for more flexible and easy-to-use payment options. Always motivated by resident convenience and well-being, Alex Samoylovich says, “We want to give them an additional payment option and the opportunity to choose the method they prefer.” The proptech says the new technology allows it to anticipate residents’ needs.

The idea is revolutionary. Nevertheless, Livly is not the first platform to integrate a cryptocurrency-based rent payment system. The company is following in the footsteps of ManageGo’s online platform. This is a New York-based company that provides online payment and maintenance scheduling services for landlords and tenants. As of 2018, the company accepts payments in Bitcoin. ManageGo uses Coinbase’s application programming interface (API). Through this, users get real-time exchange rates.

We can conclude that as of now it is possible to pay your rent in crypto, but it is very limited, however, the trend is going in this direction.

Binance follows the adoption of Bitcoin in El Salvador and goes even further…

Binance, one of the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms, through the involvement of its founder, Changpeng Zhao, could concretely promote the adoption of Bitcoin in the country.

Indeed, Changpeng Zhao, recently arrived in El Salvador to exchange with the government. The leader of Binance and has planned to meet with Nayib Bukele in this late March 2022.

Changpeng Zhao can be said to be fully supportive of all the economic freedom that the adoption of Bitcoin brings to a country like El Salvador, especially through the bonds backed by the country’s Bitcoin reserve.

Here is an excerpt of what he said on the subject:

“I believe that El Salvador is a country […] pioneer in this industry. In a few decades, we will look back on this presidency as a heroic presidency for the financial future.”

As for El Salvador’s Bitcoin bonds, they were supposed to be issued in March 2022, but in the end will take a while longer, perhaps until September 2022. Other priorities being on the agenda right now.

Staking on Coinbase, let’s take stock of the situation

In fact, the exchange platform Coinbase is currently diversifying not only the cryptocurrencies offered for exchange, but also its staking services.

It’s Cardano’s ADA’s turn to be concerned: users will now be able to generate rewards directly from the app.

Here is what we can say:

Coinbase announced the arrival of ADA staking today, via a statement. The exchange explains that the aim is to offer an easy-to-use service, which allows the greatest number of people to have access to it.

Staking on Coinbase with Cardano, what is the return?

The platform states that annual returns are estimated to be around 3.75%.

Users start generating rewards after 20-25 days, and these are then distributed every 5-7 days. On Cardano, locked ADAs are not blocked: they can be withdrawn at any time.

Remember that Cardano is the 5th network with which it is possible to make staking on Coinbase, the platform having already added Algorand (ALGO), Cosmos (ATOM), Ethereum (ETH) and Tezos (XTZ)

Latest News: Metaverse and Music

The Sandbox and Warner Music

The Sandbox and Warner Music Group sign a promising partnership

Indeed, we just learned that the Sandbox (SAND), one of the most popular and developed metaverse, has partnered with Warner Music Group (WMG) to create the first music-themed virtual world.

We are talking about an agreement that unites two big names, each one being a major player in its field. Let’s remember that Warner Music Group includes many labels hosting artists such as Bruno Mars, Ed Sheeran, David Guetta, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay, Dua Lipa, Madonna or Wiz Khalifa.

Interesting tidbit for investors, The Sandbox will soon be holding a LAND sale during the month of March, which will offer music fans the opportunity to purchase land adjacent to that owned by Warner Music.

The Sandbox metaverse is proving to be a particularly interesting one for brands and artists. Warner Music Group joins more than 200 other entities, including The Walking Dead, Atari, Steve Aoki, Deadmau5 and Snoop Dogg.

The list is likely to grow quickly, and The Sandbox’s competition with Decentraland, another metaverse in the spotlight, is expected to intensify in the coming months.

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