Realis, introduction to its ecosystem

Realis, introduction to its ecosystem. Discover the objectives and characteristics of this ecosystem as well as direct access to its official website.

Realis is the world’s first platform for launching mobile games using blockchain technologies for a mass audience based on NEAR protocol.

Here is a project that combines all the best ideas of the traditional gaming world with the integration of blockchain, Defi and NFT components.

The goal of this ecosystem is to connect game economy with real world where users will be fully involved and become full owners of the platform and the games they play.


Realis presents Crypto Cats and Crypto Dragons:

Crypto Cats and Crypto Dragons are casual games in which user receives tokenized in-game currency (token) for completing daily tasks, obtaining achievements, opening capsules and spinning spins.

The games are filled with characters and locations that refer to famous episodes of mythology, history, cinematography, games, etc. The player’s goal is to explore all locations, uniting characters, increasing their level and moving to the next island.

Crypto Cats and Crypto Dragons are the foundation of the gaming ecosystem, where user uses a tokenized in-game currency (token), which is a display of the player’s achievements, which he can spend on unique game actions

Tasks always overlap with the fulfillment of the main goal, so player will have an exciting and meditative gameplay and a reward in the form in-game currency.

Those who follow NFT news will certainly enjoy reading what is presented below.

Game NFT assets

NFT (A non-fungible token) – is a special type of cryptographic token which represents something unique; non-fungible tokens are thus not mutually interchangeable

All in-game assets will be implemented and created on the blockchain and will exist as NFT token, All our games will receive information on each user account through API and link it with NFT token on the blockchain

When opening a chest, based on a random function an item will be generated, which user will use as an in-game asset. At the same moment, it will be created on the blockchain as an NFT token, with the unique data such as socket, strength and other characteristics. Later, when the asset will be transferred between players, the game will analyze information through the blockchain to determine the current owner of the asset.

Players can withdraw any of their NFT items to their personal wallet at any time, allowing them to fully own their in-game NFT asset.

Types of NFT assets in our games will be implemented as:

● Unique skins
● Tournament tickets
● Limited edition items.
● Creation of your own unique NFTs by combining 3 NFTs
● Lootboxes
● Battle passes

NFT logic

NFT items have 5 types of rarity (unique, common, rare, epic, legendary)

NFT items have a slot value: head, body, left hand, right hand, rings.

NFT things can be merged to create a new one. 3 items can merge to create a rare one. 3 are Burn 3 items to create a new one. For rarity types: common, rare, epic, legendary

NFT can change the visual appearance of the hero + add additional characteristics to the strength of the character.

Direct access to the official website

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