SpaceN, NFT management tool and social space

SpaceN, NFT management tool and social space. Discover the main features of this project as well as direct access to its website.


SpaceN is a NFT one-step investment management tool.

What is SpaceN about?

With this ecosystem, you will have direct access to a system that will automatically analyze the user’s behavior on the channel, and count the information on investment income from the purchase and sale of NFT by the user. In this way, each of them will be able to understand the changes in their NFT assets in a timely manner.

SpaceN will collect the basic information and project dynamics of NFT projects according to the market popularity, so that users can obtain valuable NFT project information in one stop.

The system will recommend corresponding social circles based on NFT holdings, so that users can find
like-minded NFT holders or NFT traders.

This ecosystem will become a platform for users to build self-organized DAOs, making it easier for users to build their own DAOs and sell their own NFTs.

SpaceN, the all-in-one solution

NFT asset management

NFT Dashboard: Visualize the types and value of NFTs a user owns, total revenue, total spend, and

Manage your NFT all in one place, tracking NFT value and activities. Master the investment performance with our key financial metrics.

Multi-chain and multi-wallet management: Users can view NFT assets in a single wallet, and can also view aggregated NFT assets.

NFT details: picture, purchase price, floor price, estimated price, purchase date, NFT operation

NFT project information tracking

SpaceN will bring together NFT projects on various platforms, display project dynamics, and users
can find projects they are interested in through retrieval or collection.

Ranking of NFT projects: according to the floor price, transaction price, transaction volume and
other indicators.

NFT project transaction information: Holder status, List data, transaction data, auction data, whale
address, project party address chain tracking, etc.

Also, NFT project media dynamics: By tracking Twitter, Discord, Medium, public media and other
information, filter high-quality content, and track the latest developments of the project.

Discovery of new NFT projects: Aggregate multiple information sources to discover NFT projects in
incubation for users.


Feed flow: You can view the latest NFT transaction records of users in the SpaceN platform, and you can visit the user’s home page, follow interested users.

User list: recommend influential KOLs by means of profit ranking, net worth ranking, etc.

NFT Club: According to the different types of NFT held by users, they are naturally divided into different clubs, and users can join Club, form your own online and offline activities.


NFTSpace can become a platform for users to establish self-organized DAOs. Users can join or establish DAOs, and can set the conditions for joining DAOs, such as holding certain types of NFTs.

The space for you to build DAO. Discuss your favorite NFT topics and even mint your own NFT Collections.

The theme rules of DAO are completely autonomous by users, such as exchange NFT investment experience, and even sell their own NFT projects, and establish offline clubs.

Direct access to the official website

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