SELF, utility NFT, introduction


SELF, utility NFT, introduction. Find out more about the features and objectives of this ecosystem, as well as direct access to its website.

SELF, here is an entirely decentralized project, and you’ll quickly understand why this ecosystem will be of great interest to those who follow NFT news, as it meets an obvious need.

Discover this NFT utility project that lets users create a Web3 identity.

SELF, introduction:

Cryptocurrencies and blockchains are growing in adoption; utilities are infinite, but the barrier that continues to separate them from the general public is the first step we must take to use them: transactions.

Complex and endless addresses change based on the network, and ways of communicating project objectives are far from simple to understand where new users of crypto can not relate ideas to real-world experiences. SELF is here to solve this.

The solution:

Here, you’ll get a unique, irreplicable online identity. It will link all things cryptographic, such as your wallet, NFTs, important documentation and the endless possible uses of blockchain utility.

SELF can be your nickname, your dog’s name, your company’s name or anything else you want. When you create an identity in this ecosystem, all you need to send and receive crypto is your unique identifier.

To acquire a SELF identity, mint your alias on our platform, paying a small fee in SELF tokens. From that moment, you own an NFT linked to that alias. It will be exclusive to you, decentralized and transferable.

You can edit your profile by adding a custom avatar or picture, bio information, contact email, and crypto addresses, amongst other exciting features. And now it’s easy. You can use your SELF identity as your only and all-purpose crypto address.

Web3 Identity

This project, in comparison to other naming services, doesn’t use domains. Ordinary people don’t care about domains, just nicknames. People love things made simple.

SELF can be used as an entire digital identity, not just as a naming service. It will allow much more than easy transfers; it can be your online ID for numerous applications. For example, connect your wallet to a website which supports web3 protocol, provide a public email for communications, obtain official identity documentation stored on-chain, loyalty cards and much more.
As the possibilities are endless, we will develop an expansive ecosystem for the SELF project.

Token utility

Within this ecosystem, the $SELF token is the utility token.

The token’s utility will increase as the products and ecosystem develop. Initially, the token’s usefulness will be limited, but it will increase as the project progresses.

5 specific uses for tokens:

  1. NFT username purchase – typing a SELF identity NFT will incur a fee payable in $SELF.
  2. NFT secondary market – NFTs bought and sold on the secondary market will be traded with this token
  3. Rewards – the community will benefit from a variety of community rewards available which may include staking, farming, partner promotions, promotion races.
  4. NFT upgrades – adding a SELF avatar to your identity and other upgrades will incur a fee payable in $SELF.
  5. User name auctions for the most quoted names will be charged with the platform token.

Want to find out more?

Direct access to the official website

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