Reach DAO and its READ token, what is it about?

Reach DAO and its READ token, what is it about? Discover the characteristics of this project and its website.


Reach DAO will enable you to realize your full potential through the acquisition and sharing of knowledge in different areas.

Reach DAO: Connect, Learn & Grow

Networking is at least as important as having a filled bag of information.

That’s why Reach focuses on community growth as much as course content. Success is a formula of knowledge, network, and hard work.

With this project, you will always be ready to take on any challenge and you will have the knowledge you need to meet it.

The way this platform works allows you to always be motivated to learn and refine your expertise in the field of business and personal development.

Reach stimulates users to get good at what matters by making learning rewarding. Get the right knowledge to meet any challenge.

Reach DAO, features:

The Board

  • Suggest mentors
  • Engage in the acceleration program
  • Suggest updates on platform
  • Vote on suggestions and updates


  • Follow courses provided by Reach & mentors
  • Quiz and test your knowledge
  • Earn $READ while learning
  • Get certificated


  • Get advice on starting a Startup
  • Submit your idea to the DAO
  • Vote on new idea’s
  • Score your first private investor

READ token:


How can I earn as a student?

By following courses and successfully completing their quizzes and exams. The amount depends on the length of the course and its difficulty.

How can I become a Mentor?

By filling in the form at the bottom of the website and the Reach team will contact you.

Is there a sale or buy tax for $READ?

Yes, a small buy and sell tax of 2% will be applied on every transaction. This will be stored in the Reach Treasury to be used for Learn2Earn and Leap (acceleration program).

I want to be a part of The Board, how can I participate?

The Board is the DAO (Decentralized autonomous organization) of Reach. On the DAO the community will be able to suggest and vote on ideas for example specific courses, mentors, or changes. By holding $READ, you can start suggesting and voting on The Board.

Direct access to the official website

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