Vortex Protocol ($VP) and the Torah ecosystem

Vortex Protocol ($VP) and the Torah ecosystem. Find out all the relevant information about this project.

Vortex Protocol, Torah

Vortex Protocol is developing a project with the Torah Ecosystem that makes it easier and faster to become carbon neutral. The goal is to accelerate the exploration and implementation of an energy management guarantee system that adapts to the blockchain technology mechanism.

Blockchain technology not only has great potential in the distributed energy sharing and intelligent regulation, but also has broad prospects in energy supply, transmission, distribution, consumption, and transactions.

Vortex Protocol and Torah ecosystem, the precise answer to concrete problems:

In the field of energy supply, real-time updates based on blockchain technology help realize real-time information sharing between centralized and distributed systems, avoid repeated construction of multiple energy sources, and reduce waste in
energy supply systems.

In the field of energy transmission, the trust mechanism of blockchain technology can realize the mandatory trust between multiple stakeholders and the transparency of transactions between them.

This ecosystem enables better coordination and optimization of transmission between multiple energy sources, to improve the transmission efficiency of the energy system.

What does carbon neutrality have to do with Torah?

The founding team of Torah formally established a distributed technology laboratory in Silicon Valley in 2019.

After several years of precipitation, with their professional skills and experience, the team has been exploring “Crypto Carbon Neutrality”, and leading the development of WEB 3.0 era.

Vortex Protocol, how it works?

Vortex Protocol will iterate over the existing storage methods. According to the basic structure of C60, the original protocol uses partial storage for the whole to form a complete closed loop. When the data is requested, select the node with the most complete resources nearby and send data to the requesting node. Like vortex, it will accelerate the formation of convergence when reaching the exit, and when uploading data, In the protocol, the node with the best resources (node duration, bandwidth and storage medium) will be selected when accessing data.

Vortex Protocol will iterate over the existing storage methods. According to the basic structure of C60

The second-generation protocol improves the three-dimensional performance according to the diamond structure, increases the in-depth interaction of data, and achieves the optimal access goal of decentralized data. It is the best solution in the process of implementing WEB3.

VP token:

In order to meet the needs of good ecological operation and commercial application, Torah team issues Vortex Protocol through the Foundation as the only official designated circulation pass of Torah project. The total number of global circulation cards, referred to as VP, is 102,400,000, and no additional issuance will be made.

VP has an indispensable position in the Torah ecosystem. As the carrier of Torah’s ecological value transfer, in addition to the circulation of Torah’s entire ecological value.

At the same time, it also serves as a proof of the ownership of users in Torah low-carbon resource contribution incentive, equity participation of listed companies, new infrastructure contribution and Torah pool storage contribution.

In conclusion:

Under the strategic traction of global economic development, rapid economic development continuously puts forward new demands on energy requirements, and energy reform is imminent; Torah further accelerates energy reform, optimizes the industrial structure and energy structure (distributed storage), and helps the global economy and society Towards a green and environmentally friendly development.

Torah is always fulfilling his social rights and interests to the whole society, and innovatively proposes to realize a reasonable layout of data collection, conversion, transaction, storage, and consumption according to the modern international energy development plan.

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