Oceans Finance, what is it?

Oceans Finance, what is it? Multi Chain Auto Staking & Auto Compounding DEFI 3.0 Protocol. Discover the characteristics of this DeFi ecosystem.

Oceans Finance

Oceans Finance, first asset multiplication protocol – get rewards every 15 minutes – auto Staking.

Oceans Finance, its characteristics:

The Ocean team has been analyzing the crypto space with a focus on Titano-style forks. There are a LOT of these projects that launch by raising over a million dollars with no intention of continuing to market the project AFTER the pre-sale ends!

Leaving investors who really believed in the long-term stability of recurring revenue, when in reality the project owners have NO intentions other than to get the initial NBB, abandon the project altogether, or don’t know what it takes to REALLY market a crypto project.

Oceans Finance is there to change that! We are developing a truly diverse protocol that will consist of more than your normal 15-minute rebasing period and $BUSD rewards.

The $OCEANS token will be “Multi Chain” on “BSC,Etheruem,Avalanche,Fantom” and possibly others to be announced. The goal is to attract whales from several chains to participate in the evolution of Oceans Finance!

You will be offered the above-mentioned products as well as the first utility, the (Ocean Cash) abbreviated ($OCASH) Stablecoin. Details can be found below and on our website.

The Stablecoin will provide additional leverage for investors as it is pegged 1:1 with $BUSD on the Binance Smart Chain to allow investors to exchange $BUSD for $OCASH and “Farm, Stake, Borrow & Swap” for $OCEANS Tokens.

All this can be done in our custom Dapp! More utilities will be announced as we update our white paper as the project progresses. This is currently V0.7 of the white paper. Stay tuned!

What is striking and interesting to note when one is interested in the news of the DeFi, are the projects which like this one reinforces the credibility of the whole DeFi.

Oceans Finance, 4 functions to remember:

1.Oceans Dividend Fund

7% buy and 8% sale are redirected to all Holders in $BUSD reflections directly in your wallet.

2. Oceans Treasury

2% Tax goes directly to the Treasury which funds Marketing and Development of $OCEANS

3. Auto Burn Protocol

2% of all trades are sent to the Bluehole automatically to decease the supply.

4. Secured Dapp

Oceans Dapp will allow investors to switch from different networks depending on the Investors choice.

Direct access to the official website

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