Neutra Finance, introduction to its ecosystem

Neutra Finance delivering risk-hedged, sustainable investment strategies easily accessible for anyone, anywhere.

Neutra Finance

Neutra Finance aims to make sustainable, risk-hedged investment strategies easily accessible to everyone, everywhere, through automated strategy vaults.

The goal is to make this process simple and easy so that anyone who wants to protect their funds and achieve stable returns in any market condition can do so.

After depositing their capital into the vaults, users can sit back and earn above-market annual returns on high-performing DeFi products, while the strategy takes care of the rest, such as optimizing returns, rebalancing and managing liquidation risk.

Yield farming has gained remarkable traction in the DeFi space as a way to earn additional profits on one’s crypto holdings. However, such profits are not created without a certain degree of risk, which is why more experienced investors in both traditional and decentralized finance use a variety of products such as options and derivatives to balance their positions and offset the risk of any adverse price movements. For veterans, market fluctuations are not a problem because they always know how to protect themselves and still make a profit.

Who wouldn’t want to grow their idle assets and escape price volatility if they had the opportunity? The problem is that these strategies involve more advanced concepts and complex processes, which makes them difficult for users to approach and put into practice.

Neutra Finance, vision & mission:

The vision is to enable any user to earn high returns easily and sustainably without worrying about risk.

Therefore, the team is committed to three core values:

  • Performance: Delivering sustainable, high-return strategies that minimize risk while maximizing returns.
  • Security: Focus on fund security in terms of smart contracts and rebalancing mechanisms.

User Experience: Deliver strategies in an intuitive and user-friendly manner, lowering the barrier for general crypto investors.

Neutra Finance – tokenomics

Introduction to NEU & esNEU

Neutra Finance’s tokenomics is largely composed of NEU and esNEU (escrowed NEU).


NEU is the utility and governance token of Neutra Finance.

By staking NEU, you will earn

Protocol fees in stablecoin (currently DAI)
Escrowed NEU (esNEU)
Fee Boosters
Protocol fees are collected from our strategy vaults, consisting of Management Fee (2% of TVL) and Performance Fee (20% of APR). 50% of the fees is distributed as rewards to token stakers.


esNEU has the effect of giving higher returns to long-term stakers, who can be seen as Neutra’s committed users qualified to make major decisions regarding the protocol’s future. The longer and the more you stake, the larger share of governance power and fees you take. The value of esNEU comes from these accumulating rewards over time. This aligns the interests of Neutra Finance and our token holders for long-term growth.

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